Hot or Not – discovering Matthew Lewis

Perv posts always seem to go down quite well on blogs. It opens up a nice forum to discuss personal taste, sometimes they present a couple of surprises and makes me feel like I’m back at school with a copy of Smash Hits Magazine (yes, I’m showing my age) with a bunch of my friends. These posts will be a bit of fun, sometimes they’ll be people that I don’t get and some may just be topical. I want everyone to join in and tell me why they’re either hot or not. So off we go with the first post and it’s a bit of a surprising one.

So, I think I’m a bit behind the times. A couple of nights ago I stumbled across this picture:

Yes, Neville Longbottom, AKA Matthew Lewis has really stolen this shot and made the others look like… I’m not going to share my opinion on that. So, I did a bit of research as did my lovely friend Rob and we were very surprised with our findings.

Matthew Lewis was cute as a young boy, there’s no denying that but damn that boy grew up well! Who would have known the cute, chubby cheeked, buck toothed, clumsy Neville would turn into a young, English version of Adam Levine with a sprinkling of Matthew Fox. So without further ado I present Matthew Lewis.

What do we think? Hot or Not? Leave a comment below.


If you want to suggest anyone, male or female, leave a comment or tell me on Twitter.

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3 thoughts on “Hot or Not – discovering Matthew Lewis

  1. bea says:

    Oh my god yes!!! There is something Adam Levine-esque about him!!! xx

  2. definitely hot 🙂 a bit rare that a guy who is gorgeous as a kid grows up hot (imho)
    ugly duckling syndrome!

  3. Wow he’s quite gorgeous. I think the second to last picture of him in that suit is yummy.

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