Barry M vs LA Colours – battle of the lip glosses

I said a long time ago that I will be more open to reasonably priced brands and though I haven’t written about them I have been beavering away trying new things and spending not a lot of money on many items. I mentioned that Barry M is my go to reasonably priced brand – it’s cost effective, good quality and there’s a million things to choose from – and today I will be comparing my go to Barry M lip gloss to the LA Colours equivalent. Will the 99p lip gloss live up to the £3.99 glossy tube?

One of my favourite glosses is the Iridescent Violet Glitter gt6 from Barry M. I was drawn to it straight away because it was pink with purple and blue fine glitter running through it and it smelt like bubble gum. Simple as that. I didn’t choose it for any other reason. It just looking nice and it smelt nice.

When I got it home and put it on I was really pleased that the pink was really sheer complimenting the natural colour of my lips and the glitter was noticeable but not odd. It just added a nice little glint to the lips that made them look bigger and a bit different.

The gloss itself glides on with no problem and it isn’t sticky at all. If anything it’s creamy with a bit of an oily texture so it feels really comfortable on your lips and doesn’t dry them out. The gloss will give you a subtle shine for a couple of hours after application and you’ll have the fine iridescent glitter on your lips for much longer.

I’ve had this gloss for a while now and when I can’t decide what colour to wear I reach for this. I love it.


So, with that in mind, I thought I’d try the equivalent gloss from LA Colours. As I mentioned, it’s quarter of the price and I thought I should give it a chance.


Barry M applicator

LA Colours applicator

I want to start with the applicator. Barry M’s glossy tube is exceptionally simple; it’s a slanted piece of plastic with a hole in it. Standard, classic and easy. LA Colours have decided to use a brush applicator. This is good for precision but you really have to squeeze the tube to get any product out and when I was in Beauty Base the spring on the applicator was broken and the brush had fallen off. Nil points for the packaging.


LA Colours on the top, Barry M on the bottom

Now the colour. In the tubes they look significantly different. The LA Colours is darker, verging on lilac rather than pink and it has finer glitter making it look more like a solid colour with a very subtle iridescent hint. In the swatch you can see that the colours are fairly similar in pigment but the LA Colours is definitely more blue toned and the glitter does make it far more iridescent. When it comes to colour, I pretty much like both evenly. They both have their pros and I would happily wear both.

Now texture and consistency. The LA Colours causes a lot of drag on the lip. This drag is a mixture of the poor packaging and the fact that the gloss is really sticky. I really wish I could say something nice about the texture but I can’t. The gloss is so sticky that it makes a sound every time you lips touch and you can feel the tug of your lips sticking together. I wore it when it was a bit windy and my hair got matted in the gloss. It’s just really disappointing. I could still feel the stickiness a few hours after application.

I added a bit more gloss to demonstrate the stickiness


I had high hopes for the LA Colours lip gloss. It’s cruelty free, it has a couple oils in there and it looks really pretty but in reality it was a bit of a dud. This time Barry M wins hands down! And I think I’m going to have to stock up in case they discontinue it.

What about you? Have you used either before?

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2 thoughts on “Barry M vs LA Colours – battle of the lip glosses

  1. bea says:

    Glittery lip colours really scare me- I love glittery eyes or clothes but it scares me in a lip product for some reason- however that Barry M baby looks lovely hun! I so need to try them out again… ^__^ xx

  2. […] I’m acknowledging the purchase of the LA Colors lipgloss but I’m pretty certain it’s going in the bin. You can read my review here. […]

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