Body Shop’s Rainforest Radiance Detangling Spray – yeah…

Good afternoon all my lovely readers. I hope you are all well and that today’s sunshine is brightening your mood. Today’s product review will be fairly brief. As you may know I dyed my hair back to red recently and if you know the slightest thing about hair dye you’ll know that red fades ridiculously quickly. With that in mind I’ve been using all sorts of products to try and lock in the colour and some have been great and some have been a bit meh. I actually wrote this review a while ago but didn’t post it but seeing as I’ve seen some people rave about it I thought I should chip in my two cents.

My hair was a bit of an issue not long ago. It was really dry, unhealthy and it would fall out in handfuls. It was mainly because I was naughty and hadn’t had a haircut in two years but it was also because I wasn’t treating it right. I also have a natural wave in my hair and when I wash it, it gets tangled and I have to fight it with a brush to get the knots out – not a healthy thing for anybody. With this in mind and the fact that I had just coloured it I thought I’d try the Body Shop’s Rainforest Radiance detangling spray for coloured hair.

So, what can I say about it? It’s a spray in an opaque bottle (they keep doing this and I don’t know why) that’s supposed to be a leave-in conditioner that detangles, adds shine, soften hair and protects the vibrancy of colour. It smells like blueberry yogurt and it’s eco and animal friendly. Sounds great so far right?

So I used this for about four weeks. I did notice that it did detangle my hair really well. Obviously there were still snags here and there but as a whole my usually painful comb after a wash became a lot easier. One point to Body Shop.

As for the shine, to be honest I didn’t really notice the difference. If anything it made my hair look and feel a bit coated. Maybe I just had that opinion because my hair was freshly dyed so it was shiny and healthy anyway but since I’ve stopped using it I haven’t noticed the difference.

When it came to softness, I’ll admit that it was softer but not that much. Certainly not enough to make it a selling point for the product.

And now the big one for me, the colour protection. Being in the UK, during winter no less, I had absolutely no benefit from the colour locking treatment. My hair was fading a little with the shampoo I was using at the time and during the time that I was using the spray I didn’t notice any vibrancy. Maybe during the summer or if you live in a sunny part of the world you would notice but for me I was just really disappointed.

I really regret buying this product. Maybe if I bought the whole range of products I would have noticed the difference and maybe if I had blonde hair or brown hair it would have worked better but for me it was just a bit of a let down. I have since started using some colour protect products that work much better and will be reviewing shortly but I fear that this will be a product I will leave in my cupboard and only bring out when I wonder why I haven’t used it in such a long time.

Have you used it? What were your thoughts?

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