Wanting what I can’t have: the wish list

Since I am trying not to spend any money at the moment I am torturing myself with a list of wants. These items are my desperate wishes but obviously the list is far vaster. Each coveted item will be accompanied by promo shots so this will be a very picture heavy blog post. Come, come drool with me.


China Glaze Hunger Games Collection

How beautiful are these colours? I particularly love Electrify, Agro and Luxe and Lush. I’ve never owned a China Glaze nail polish before so hopefully one of these will be my first. SWOON!


Models Own SS12 Beetlejuice additions

I posted about these the other day and I can’t wait for them to be released. They are just gorgeous. I desperately need the Indian Ocean in my life.


Illamasqua Viridian

This polish couldn’t be more me. It’s a beautiful teal with a metallic finish and I covet it so. If I had to choose a picture of my favourite colour, this would be it! Again, I’ve never tried anything from Illamasqua so this will be a treat when I eventually do.


Barry M Green Glitter

Last but by no means least, a polish that I’ve been coveting for years. Ever since I bought my red glitter and wanted to have a Dorothy vs Wicked Witch face off on my hands I have wanted this polish but alas it is not sold in shops.




MAC Dish it Up

I have a bit of an obsession with purple lipstick and this is just a beautiful shade that will just work really well for me. I think this is the product that will break me first just because I need to get something MAC soon.


Illamasqua Apocalips

I love this colour and wish that one day I will be brave enough to wear it. Maybe if I own it, it will encourage me to say “Sod you staring strangers, this is me”.




Soap and Glory It’s About Prime

I need a new primer so I don’t look a little crazy when I wear my shadow and this is pretty much perfect for me. Oh how I heart you Soap and Glory.


Eye Rock Designer Liner

These are beautiful but I’m a little nervous that I’ll get them and mess them up but I do think they look amazing!


Paperself Paper Lashes Deer & Butterfly

I’m not really a false lash type of girl but these are stunning. I love the whole Paperself Paper Lash range and I would happily sport these. They’re just so intricate and beautiful. Actually I’m desperate to have these in my life.



Hourglass Foundation Instant Powder Finish Porcelain

I posted about this foundation the other day and now I need to get the right colour of me. It is beautiful and the only foundation that does a good job on me.

There are thousands of other things but these are the main ones. I know it was a bit of a boring post but as I’m so new product starved and as I have a very sad afternoon ahead of me I thought I’d indulge myself. It’s a fairly simple list of wants if you ask me… but you should see the other things listed in my mind. So if any of my rich admirers want to purchase these for me I’d love you forever.

Are any of these items on your wishlist?

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