Bobbi Brown’s Antigua Face Palette: the perfect handbag companion

So I’ve had this little number in my collection for a couple months now. I took the photos ages ago and I started using it piece by piece, as I was too afraid to damage its beautiful perfection but alas it had to be done. So today I present you the Bobbi Brown Antigua Face Palette.

Let’s start with the packaging. It’s very sleek and minimal making it look expensive and elegant as always. It is a large palette and fairly heavy, which does gives it a massive internal mirror (that has some magnification), adds to the value and means that you are getting a decent amount of product.

The palette contains an illuminating bronzing powder, three eye shadows (Navajo, Oat and Caviar) and three creamy lip colours (Pink Ballet, Kitten and Azalea).  All of which can be found in any basic makeup bag and can make a whole range of different looks.

The Illuminating Bronzing Powder sounded terrifying to me. If you utter the word bronzer to me I run a mile but this has a colour to it. It’s a very peachy coral with a very fine shimmer but it does have brown undertones. I’ve used this as a blusher and for these spring days we’re having it’s perfect. It’s great for all skin tones and builds up on the cheek really nicely.

The eye shadows are pretty amazing. The three basic shades means that you have everything you need for an every day, natural look right up to the overly dramatic evening look.

The Navajo is a lovely creamy white with a hint of pink that is perfect for a base colour, highlighting or muting. The Oat is a really rich beige and great for a natural lid or to be used as an accent colour for a smoky look. And then the Cavier is a really dense black that is great for creating drama in the creases, corners and for a very heavy, sultry look. It’s also great as a liner too.

These shadows are packed really tightly and very highly pigmented. They last a really long time on the skin and I even had a bit of trouble removing the black.

Built up colour: Azelea, Kitten, Pink Ballet

The creamy lip colours are just gorgeous. They’re light, feminine and a great selection to fit most situations. They’re all really creamy and slide onto the lip with ease, they’re really moisturising and you can build up colour really easily.

Pink Ballet is a lovely natural pink with a very subtle shimmer. For me it pretty much matched my lip colour perfectly and made them pop. It’s a great shade for an everyday natural look or to just add a bit of oomph to the lips if you have a heavy eye.

Kitten is a really soft neutral beige. It’s really sheer so just complimented my natural lip colour and gave it a nice sheen. Great for natural looks but not one I will wear too often.

Azalea is a beautiful plum colour that’s really sheer and has a very subtle shimmer. Slightly different than the other two, this is a metallic lip colour but the texture and application is the same. This will give you the most dramatic lip and it’s really easy to build up a decent layer of colour. This is great for everyday use and for evening. I absolutely love it.

This palette is basically all you need to carry in your bag to maintain a perfect look throughout the day. It’s really great quality as you would expect, the powders don’t crack or crease or dry and the creamy lip colours will make your lips look fresh and a little bit more exciting than usual.

I think this will definitely be my go to palette during the coming months and a great little gift if you’re stuck for mother’s day.

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