My first MAC lipstick comes with a dilemma

Happy Monday everyone. I hope Mother’s Day went well for you all and I apologise for my radio silence over the weekend – you know what family is like. But my family packed weekend gave me the chance to try some of my new makeup in front of some of my biggest critics so I got a lot more out of this weekend than the usual arguments, fatty foods and jokes and giggles. Today I will be telling you about my new lipstick and some disturbing news.

I have been avoiding MAC products for years. I don’t know why but I have. I go into the shops every time I walk past one, I look on their website constantly and whenever I see a blog post about them I read it and covet the product. With the new COOK MAC collection came a lipstick that looked like my ideal shade. I saw it online fell in love and decided to take the plunge. Unfortunately, when I got to the shop I realised that the colour looked nothing like the online representation and felt really disappointed. But as I was set on buying a MAC lipstick I had a little nosey around (again) and found one.

And I found this little number. A frost lipstick in the shade Plum Dandy. It’s a lovely shimmery, glossy lipstick that’s very similar to the colour of my lips with just a hint of plum and gold. As I’m really pale this is a great shade for me but I can see anybody wearing this great shade. It’s subtle enough to wear all day long but it provides enough of a contrast to draw attention to the lips. It’s really easy to build up colour too so if you want something a bit more noticeable you just have to add a couple more slicks.

The application is smooth and even, though with the frost formula it is easy to put too much on your lips so be careful. It doesn’t create any drag and leaves your lips moisturised and doesn’t leave them feeling too heavy – though my lips did feel a little sweaty at times. The colour stays on your lips for a good four-five hours and the shimmer isn’t too overpowering.

It’s a great lipstick and I will use it happily for almost any occasion. However, my boyfriend keeps moaning about the cost. And he’s kind of right. This lipstick is £13.50 and though it is fairly good quality and fairly long lasting, it’s not the best lipstick I own and it’s not twice as good as some of my other cheaper brands. I was kind of disappointed with the difference of colours on the website compared to the shop samples and the fact that out of all the lipsticks on display I only found one I was really interested in. I think next time I would much rather buy a Tom Ford or Illamasque or Chanel.

Now my real crisis with this product. I purchased this lipstick a few weeks ago. During that time it was announced that MAC are no longer classed as Cruelty Free and have been taken off PETA’s list of approved companies (Estee Lauder was announced last month but being a bit slow on the uptake I only found out that MAC has been specifically removed recently too). I am fully aware that MAC, only tests on animals if required by law but this has made me a little sick. I am very disappointed and I feel a bit deflated. For years I resisted MAC despite their “We test on models not animals” campaign and the beauty world going crazy for them and as soon as I buy a product I am faced with this news. It has definitely tainted my lipstick and I doubt I’ll be purchasing from them again even if they do gain approval from PETA again.

So that is my dilemma. What are your thoughts? Will you continue purchasing MAC products knowing about this regression from the fashion forward company?

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11 thoughts on “My first MAC lipstick comes with a dilemma

  1. I completely understand your dilemma…I too adore MAC lipstick, and noticed the “Cruelty Free” quietly disappeared. I used to be completely loyal to the company (because of their social/animal testing policies and because, I’ll be honest, I could not find a few shades they offer in any other brand) I do still buy MAC lipsticks now and then, but I don’t make a point to purchase exclusively from the company anymore.
    (BTW, Plum Dandy looks like a great color…I may have to check it out now :P)

  2. Devon says:

    It’s sad. But I wouldn’t blame Mac.
    Blame the people who made it a legal requirement for companies to test on animals.
    Going by what Mac say, “testing by law” implies that someone, somewhere has decided to FORCE companies to test on animals.
    I know that Mac are bad for doing it, but they aren’t at the heart of it.

    Such a shame though.
    Devon x

    • I agree but I also blame the consumers. There must be a new product across the board or a bunch of lawsuits that have led to this and I think it should have been announced more clearly when the changed happened. It makes me wonder what it is if thousands of companies are still cruelty free too.

      • Devon says:

        I think you’re right, it really should have been something announced widely.
        It’s a shame that something like that has been allowed to pass as a law, and a little scary, as you rightly said, when you think about what must have triggered it.

  3. Thank you so much for this post about MAC. There are a few things that I use exclusively from them (the Studio Fix powder for one) that I will have to find replacements for. See why we need to start that blog? 😉

  4. Sarirah says:

    I’m slowly changing my mind about purchasing my first MAC product now. If I’ve managed fine without them for this long I’m sure life will be okay minus MAC. :p I was looking at the list on PETA though where it shows which companies still test on animals. I was surprised by the sheer number of very popular brands on there. It just goes to show, it’s very hard to escape. :/

  5. Liv says:

    Cannot believe that, I totally hadn’t heard about this either. No more mac for me!

  6. […] the MAC Plum Dandy. It’s a beautiful frost lipstick in a warm lilac colour with gold shimmer. I posted about this a few weeks ago and the ethical dilemma I had with the product. Intriguing huh? It’s […]

  7. I didn’t know this… I love MAC but recently i have been blown away by many of their products. Knowing this i defiantly think i won’t be rushing out to buy, it will defiantly make me thing twice next time I walk past their counter.

  8. Ailin says:

    i am tired of companies making up excuses to be cruel to animals. if hundreds and thousands of companies based in the states and throughout the world can produce their products without animal testing then why can’t mac??? it’s because the are run buy a brand (esteé lauder) who have no issues in subjecting animals to testing which is actually unnecessary and inaccurate which leads onto human trials anyway… there was a law passed in the uk that animal testing for make up and cosmetics can no longer be performed within the uk due to the trivial nature of the products. proper order. every country should follow suit. why should animals suffer and die for the sake of our vanity?

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