Revlon Lip Butters, butters me up

So not long ago the world went crazy for the Revlon Lip Butters. The ad campaign had gone on for a few months and the promise of a super hydrating balm that will leave you lips baby soft AND have beautiful colour had made this drugstore brand hit the top of every girl’s wish list. About a week ago they became available online in the UK and they were out of stock within hours. But some stores have sneaked them onto their shelves and I picked up a Cotton Candy 045 to try out.

So let’s start, as always, with the packaging. It comes in a beautiful, quilted case in a translucent baby pink that matches the shade of the lip butter. It has a little peephole in the top so you can actually see the real product (a nice little touch) and thin black base meaning you get a lot of silver bullet for your money. It is gorgeous and feminine but I have two complaints. One is purely superficial, I hate the NEW stickers Revlon puts on all their products as I believe it ruins the initial aesthetics and secondly, I can’t seem to open it like a lady – there’s just not enough to grip on the bottom so I fumble about a bit. Otherwise it is stunning.

Now the texture. It was everything I had imagined it to be. I know that sounds a bit naff but it suits the name perfectly. It does feel like melting butter and it just glides onto your lips. It feels similar to a high-end lip balm but it sets onto the skin really quickly so you don’t really feel it after a couple of minutes. It doesn’t feel heavy, it doesn’t feel greasy and considering how much shine you get it doesn’t feel sticky either. My lips felt comfortable, hydrated and healthy. It’s definitely nothing that I’ve experienced before and it really does deliver on the promise of hydration and colour.

Speaking of colour. This is definitely one of the less pigmented colours. It’s a very sheer, warm pink with heavy gold undertones. It has a lot of shimmer in it and it provides more of an accent to your natural lip colour rather than standing on its own. You can build up the colour so it does have a heavier pigmentation but I think that kind of defeats the point. With a normal application it made my lips look healthy, glossy and fresh. The gold shimmer made my lips more noticeable but as a whole it was really subtle. This will be a great product for the spring and especially for beach holidays.

And it lasts. I got a good few hours hydration and colour before another application was needed and I think I’m actually a little bit in love with it.

Boots is apparently doing a 2 for £10 deal at the moment which I didn’t see at my local branch (and they only had five colours to choose from) so I’m going to pop in with my receipt and ask if there’s any chance I can “return” mine and rebuy it with a second lip butter. Who knows? They might be super nice to me.

This is a great product for me as it’s a great mix between lip balm, lipstick and lip-gloss. It’s going to look great over darker lipstick and it’ll provide the shine I love without getting my hair stuck to my lips like when I usually where lip-gloss.

So, I’m well and truly buttered up. Which colours have you bought?

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9 thoughts on “Revlon Lip Butters, butters me up

  1. kofykat says:

    2 for 10 seems like a lot for a lip butter. the body shop ones are much cheaper. so are the maybelline ones. are these better than maybelline?

  2. Devon says:

    Going to receive mine in a few days 😀 Didn’t get this colour but it looks lovely!

    Devon xx

  3. I got four different colours, but I think I have very dry lips, because I really find it hard to apply them! and also they dry within minutes on my lips, leaving kind of patches! is it me?? any advice??

    • I didn’t experience that =( maybe use a lip scrub before applying? I used to have really dry lips but I have started a routine with either Lush’s Mint Julip and a decent lip balm (like Burt’s Bees or Caramax or something like that) or the Bliss Spa Lip Facial kit. Both are really good, plump up your lips and condition them. Within about a week you’ll notice a MASSIVE difference and it only takes a minute every evening.
      Also, warm the bullet in your hand for a couple seconds before you apply. It melts really easily so the softer it is the easier it’ll go on.
      I hope that helps. x

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