Rocking the Red Carpet with Latest in Beauty

At the moment the beauty box industry in the UK has started to crumble. Carmine have “joined forces” (read “been taken over by”) Glossybox, Feelunique stopped their service, Boudoir Prive is now Jolie Box and there are couple new players in town – some seem very exciting. But one reliable and slightly different beauty box is Latest in Beauty. I’ve blogged about them before but as they are super awesome, I think they deserve a bit more praise.

If you’re not familiar with the brand I will give you a quick description. Latest in Beauty provides two forms of beauty boxes: the little box and a theme box. The little box consists of three items that you get to choose from a set list and you get a couple sachets of each of the products to try. These little boxes cost £1.50 and you just need a mobile phone to pay for it. The theme boxes are the more traditional type of beauty box. Every month or so they announce a box and its contents. The box will have a certain theme whether it’s skin care, detox, glamour etc and cost anything from £5.99 to… well the most expensive one I’ve seen is £15. Instead of subscribing you get to look at the contents and order your box so you’re completely in control. You can even build your own sample box if you want to too. On top of all that, they’re lovely people and really nice to interact with. I had actually missed out on this box and had a little moan on Twitter about it. They managed to get a couple more boxes and the lovely Carla got in tough with me to say they had a limited number in and would I like her to reserve me one… now that’s customer service!

OK, so you’ve got the gist? Then let’s move on.

During Oscar season Latest in Beauty released a Red Carpet box for £15. This may seem expensive for a beauty box but when you know what’s in it, it’s well worth it. The box consisted of: a full sized Smashbox mascara, a full sized Essential Care eye liner, a full sized Smooch lipstick in Rocking Red, a 50ml Richard Ward Couture Hair Energiser Styling Spray, 40ml QMS MediCosmetics Handcream, 5ml Youngbloods Mineral Primer, a mini Mont Bleau glass nail file and a Dr Bragi Marine Enzyme Mask. That’s eight products – three of them full sized – worth over £80 for £15. And they’re pretty bloomin’ amazing products.

Today I’ll go through the cosmetics as I haven’t had a chance to use the others so I will show you the: Smashbox mascara, Essential Care eye liner, Smooch lipstick and I’ll review the primer.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m looking for a mascara that can live up to Dior’s Diorshow. This is definitely giving it a run for its money. The wand is pretty much perfect for me with a thick but easy to control tapered brush. It goes on to the lash really easily and the brush separates the lashes nicely. The formula is lovely and light but still adds volume and length. I was really surprised at how well it coated the lashes but didn’t clog or clump up. I only needed one coat to get a nice coverage and your lashes look both delicate and noticeable. I didn’t curl my lashes which would have given them a bit more oomph but if you push up and back with the wand it still give a nice shape to them. I’m still not happy with Smashbox over the Cruelty Free situation and how they haven’t really acknowledged it but I am impressed with this mascara.

Natural lashes. Please excuse the lack of makeup.

One coat of the Smashbox mascara


I’m an eye liner fiend and I use all types of liner. It’s been a while since I’ve used a crayon or khol from an actual pencil so I was quite happy to try the Essential Care eye pencil. Firstly, it’s really soft. When applying it’s really gentle and has no drag so it’s a lovely product to use. It’s very highly pigmented so you only have to go over an area once to get a decent colour. As it is so soft it is easy to smudge and manipulate and it’s great for the water line as it just glides on. It’s a pencil so it’s not going to be as strong, dark, glossy or long lasting as a liquid liner but it gives the eye a lovely soft, smoky finish. It is a product you’ll have to carry in your bag and top up though as it will start to smudge a little bit during the day. The main line will stay pretty well but I found that the corners needed topping up after about 4 hours.


I have recently started to love red lipstick but getting the right colour is always a bit difficult. The Smooch Rocking Red is pretty much the perfect hark back to the 1950’s. It’s a really bright red that is actually red. There’s no hints of other colours and it’s not softened, it’s just proper red. The lipstick glides on too. I was really surprised when I started using it as it just melted onto my lips. It’s very highly pigmented and glossy and it lasts for hours. It’s also pretty light and didn’t dry out my lips. It does bleed a tiny amount and transfers onto glasses and boys really easily and you’ll have to reapply after eating but part of me thinks that just give it a retro charm. It’s definitely a lipstick that will make you feel a bit naughty.

All three products - no other makeup (sorry to subject you to this)

Thought the glasses and makeup make me feel like a naughty secretary


And for the finale of this very long post… the Youngbloods Mineral Primer. For me, primers are pretty hit and miss. They can be too cakey, too sticky, patchy etc but this one is pretty much spot on. I’ve used it four times (I forgot to take pictures though) and it makes my skin silky smooth with a matte satin finish. It’s easy to apply, it’s a great base for foundation and it feels light and fresh on the skin. I think I might have to buy this and I think it’s my favourite product from a beauty box to date.

So there we have it. Four lovely products for a very small amount of money. I highly recommend giving these products a go and I definitely recommend checking out Latest in Beauty.

Did you get this box? What were your thoughts?

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6 thoughts on “Rocking the Red Carpet with Latest in Beauty

  1. love212 says:

    I get the little box every month and love that but haven’t tried any of the themed boxes yet. I might have to see if the Red carpet box is still available as it looks really good!

    Elena x

  2. kofykat says:

    love your frames.

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