Effie Trinket Nail Art Turtorial: first video tutorial

Today I was going to have a play with some nail wraps but as I haven’t done a proper nail art tutorial for a while and I saw The Hunger Games on Thursday, I thought I’d do some Effie Trinket style nails. They’re really easy, really bright and really fun. And excitingly, I have my first video tutorial to go along with it so I hope you enjoy it and that you’re kind =s.

To kick things off you need a good base. I used Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream just to hydrate my nails and then applied a base coat of Duri’s Nail Growth. You can use any base coat and it will really help prevent any staining.

Next select a magenta nail polish. I’m using Bourjois’s Ultra Shine in Violet Couture. Even though this is pretty opaque with a single coat, I still applied two coats.

Let your nails dry thoroughly.

Grab a makeup sponge and either use a corner of a triangle sponge or break off a piece of a rectangle sponge and grab a pair of tweezers. This is what you’ll be using to apply the gold gradient. If you are using the tweezers and scrap sponge method make sure your sponge is sturdy and doesn’t crumble easily as it will leave particles on the nail.

Select a gold polish. I went for Barry M’s Gold Foil to get a nice gold leaf effect. Put some gold polish onto some scrap paper. Dip the sponge into the gold polish and dab it onto your nail. You’ll need to do three layers so do it really lightly.

The first layer should start from the tip and dabbed down to approximately two thirds of the nail. Make sure it fades the closer it gets to the nail bed.

The second layer should start from the tip and be dabbed down to about half way. Again, make the polish lighter as it goes down the nail.

The third layer should just cover the tip to make it really opaque.

Grab a gold glitter polish. I went for Barry M’s Gold as it’s really sheer. Use the same dabbing technique and do a light coat over the whole nail to soften the gradient and to add a bit of sparkle.

Finally, use a clear top coat to add extra shine and you’re all done.

This would look awesome with different colour combinations. I can’t wait to try it with teal and silver.

Sorry about the quality of the video and that my camera died halfway through, first try and all that.

What do you think about the look? Will you give it a go?

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3 thoughts on “Effie Trinket Nail Art Turtorial: first video tutorial

  1. That is spot on! I remember trying to check out her nails in every scene she was in and as soon as I saw her nails with this look I immediately knew it was going to be replicated and you did an awesome job! I love that gold . Wish we had Barry M in the US.

  2. […] with its staying power. But the colours are beautiful. We have Violet Couture (perfect for Effie Trinket nails) and Cerise […]

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