Dirty Works: Wake Up Call – some good clean fun

Like most people, I believe a good base is necessary to any beauty routine. The secret of a good base is clean skin. I use all sorts of lotions and potions on my skin but I usually leave them for a bit of a treat and rely on a good daily, cleansing face wash to help me keep my skin in good condition. And with spring finally here it’s time for healthier, brighter, barer skin. Over the past month I have been using Dirty Works Wake Up Call in the mornings and this is what I found.

If you’re unfamiliar with Dirty Works then where have you been? It’s an up and coming beauty brand offering a whole range of skincare, beauty, body care and accessories with fun, quirky, 1950s glamour packaging. It’s exclusively available at Sainsbury’s and it has a retro style that is very popular at the moment.

Let’s start with the packaging. It is reminiscent of other brands out there at the moment but it still has a unique style. The Wake Up Call face wash comes in a beautiful pastel blue, polka dot tube with a fun cartoon of a 1950s pin up on the front. The whole look is relaxed, fun and very youthful. I can imagine a teenager picking it up because it doesn’t look too serious and an older person picking it up due to the tongue in cheek nature.

The actual product is quite thick and half way between a gel like texture and a cream and it has very fine, easy-to-miss glitter in it. It spreads easily and it does cause a mild foaming but it’s mainly stays in its solid form. You don’t need much to wash your face as it is so thick and you can really massage it onto the skin and get a lot of work out of it. It smells really clean and fresh too without any overpowering scents, which is always an added bonus.

After washing my skin felt fresh and clean without any uncomfortable tightness. It also looked clean and fairly hydrated. My problem areas (my nose where I often get black heads for example) looked cleaner and the area fresher and my pores even looked clearer. It does contain Cotton Seed Oil and Chicory extract to help moisturise the skin while cleansing so it left the skin looking healthy and plumper than most face washes do.

This really is a morning wash though. I had a breakout during my trial due to the Garnia BB Cream and though this helped, I did need some heavy-duty products to get rid of my unsightly blemishes. I also tried using it morning and night and found that I had to wash my face twice if I was wearing full makeup. This should not put you off though. As I say, as a morning cleanser it’s amazing. It makes your skin fresh and bright and creates a great base for makeup. It’s really light and gentle too so for these up coming months it’ll be ideal.

I’ve really enjoyed using this especially since I’ve been using it as a morning cleanser. It’s really reasonably priced too at £3.99 (currently £2.66) and it’s a bit bottle, so it’s worth giving it a go especially during these sunnier months.

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for my honest review. Everything above are my own words unless stated otherwise.

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3 thoughts on “Dirty Works: Wake Up Call – some good clean fun

  1. kofykat says:

    well I haven’t heard of Dirty Works but then again it’s never been anywhere in my world…. I wonder if i can get my hands on it… looks lovely.

  2. Tina B says:

    Is this a UK product found in your drugstores? I love the retro packaging, I would definitely buy this if I could find it on Amazon.com or some place similar!

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