One product and a million different looks – Max Factor’s Flipstick and Gradient Lips tutorial

A couple of weeks ago I went to my local Superdrug and did my usual rounds. That is I went to every beauty station and tried a million products and my hand looked like it had some horrible disease. During this familiar activity I happened upon Max Factor’s new Lip Effects Flipstick. It’s a double barrelled lipstick with two complimentary colours that can be worn on their own or mixed to make a third. Not only did it sound pretty awesome but it was also marked down from £8.49 to £6.49. I grabbed one (picking up a shade I never usually go for) and had a little play and this is what I found.

So I picked up the Gipsy Red. Neither colour are very me shades. The darker of the two is an orange and coral tinted red with silver and gold flecks running through it and the lighter, iridescent colour is a brilliant, sparkling gold. Both colours are very ostentatious and both colours are very summery and not me at all but I love them.

The barrel is easy to use but a tiny bit flimsy and the actual lipsticks are pretty small and thin but you’re getting three lipsticks in one so you can’t really complain. Both ends work on the generic twist motion and as the barrel is so big that it’s really comfortable in the hand and gives a lot of control.

Both lipsticks are very soft and don’t create any drag on the lips. They just melt onto the skin and their highly pigmented so you don’t have to keep applying to get a good colour. The red is a little grainy in texture from the coarser shimmer but the gold is as smooth as liquid gold. Make sure you don’t have any dryness or flakiness when applying this product because it will stand out.

The red is, as mentioned, a very bright orange come coral red. It’s quite a shocking colour at first especially as it’s such a glossy lipstick and it’s definitely one I wouldn’t wear on a daily basis but I can imagine wearing it at a garden party or with the right dress at a wedding or something.

The gold is, again, very bright and very different. It’s really not a lipstick you can wear on its own unless you’re going to a themed party or you have the cojones to wear it. No, actually scrap that. I think it’s just because my skin kind of melts into the colour so people with a darker skin tone or planning to have a tan this summer will look great in this.

The magic for me is mixing the two. It makes a lovely iridescent coral that sparkles and just has a certain je ne sais quois. It mellows out the red and gold, stopping them from being harsh and just creates a really fiery orange that’s perfect for the summer.

I’ve briefly mentioned the texture but I will talk about the staying power before I get on to the really exciting stuff. It does stain your lips a little and if left alone it does last a long time but it will come off on your glass, your boyfriend will have a massive red ring on his face and any odd lip movement will be detected in the lipstick. Otherwise it keeps its very glossy texture and pigment will last for a very long time.

Now the fun stuff. So the directions say that you can wear them on their own, blend them OR pop a bit of colour onto the centre of the lip. This does work and does create a nice glow but this product is perfect for ombre or gradient lips.

So I tried a couple things with this. I tried layering the red, adding a layer of gold leaving some of the red and blending the edges and as a general look this is quite nice but not quite gradient.

I then tried layering the gold and outlining the lips with the red but it looked far too much like lip liner and though pretty, not the effect I wanted.

I then happened upon a technique that gave not only the perfect gradient effect but made my lips look like the beginning of a rainbow or like a tropical cocktail and I will in fact call them my tropical sunset lips.

What I did was: 

Put a layer of gold on.

Get a generic red lipstick – I used Smooch Rocking Red- and line the lips, this doesn’t have to be perfect as long as you have the lip shape.

Take the Gipsy Red and blend the red lipstick edge into the lip leaving the middle gold.

Add a touch more gold with a lip brush and voila, perfect gradient lips.

This is both striking and a mellow version of ombre/gradient lips. My boyfriend came home and said I looked like I had Effie Trinket lips, which told me that my plan had worked.

The blending meant that I didn’t end up with stark lines and that the overall look in real life was a lot subtler than a lot of gradient effects. Still bloomin’ lovely though.

From what I can tell all the Flipstick colour would work well as ombre/gradient colours and I can’t wait to try more.

This is one of my star buys as of late. I don’t know how much I will use it and I know that when I do a good chunk of product will be used but I’m glad it’s sitting in my makeup box.

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5 thoughts on “One product and a million different looks – Max Factor’s Flipstick and Gradient Lips tutorial

  1. Inge says:

    I love the golden shine, very pretty!

  2. kofykat says:

    Love the last but third. looks lovely.

  3. Think I’ll have to check these out, very pretty! x

  4. […] Max Factor recently released a Flipstick range which is a double barrelled lipstick with two complimentary colours that can be mixed to make a third. I bought it in Gipsy Red and I love this product. Perfect for SS12 and so much fun! I did a blog about it a few days ago including a quick and easy tutorial for gradient/ombre lips. […]

  5. […] One product and a million different looks – Max Factor’s Flipstick and Gradient Lips tutorial […]

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