That’s a wrap on my experience with Nail Rock

So I’m trying nail wraps for the first time. I know, I know I’m well behind the times but I’ve had a pack of Nail Rock’s in my cupboard for months. I got a pack in a Glossybox and I was too afraid to use it. I’ve used foil before – the old school kind where you get a roll of coloured/patterned foil and a bottle of uber sticky clear polish and you transfer the foil on to the nail – but I was terrified of these wraps. They looked so solid and stubborn. But I braved it and this is what happened.

So I got a pack of humbug nails or black and white stripes if you will. I don’t know if samples just come in odd packaging or if mine was a bit of a mismatch because the pack clearly showed the red lace kind. I’m not complaining as the black and white is far more me, I was just confused. I was also confused by the fact that there were 16 wraps. I get that they’re different sizes and you have to match them up to your fingers but I just think it’s a bit of an odd number.

I opened it up and had a look at the instructions (I’ve been doing this periodically over the past few months) and it seemed kinda simple enough. Clean the nail, push back the cuticle, buff the nail, peel off the wrap without touching the adhesive, place on nail, smooth down and file off the excess. Simple right? Hmm.

So I started from the top. I removed my nail polish, trimmed my cuticles, cleaned around the nail bed and pushed back the cuticles. So far, so good. I took out my buffer and made the surface a little rough. I didn’t rub too hard or for too long because I didn’t want to ruin the surface of my nail for a set of wraps.

You can just about see where I've filed from one side, then the other before filing in the middle - I used a crystal file for this

Trying to be sensible, I started on my right hand (I’m right handed) and I picked a wrap I thought was the right size. I peeled off the wrap, being careful to only hold to top of the wrap and placed it on my little finger. But the wrap was FAR too small. So I peeled it off and picked the next size up which was FAR too big. So I managed to make it fit for the most part and used a cotton bud and an orange stick to push the overlapping wrap into the corners. I was finding the wrap a bit stubborn so I applied some heat. These wraps said nothing about using a hairdryer and it may just have been my imagination but they did perform a lot better with a bit of hot air. When it was warm I managed to manipulate the wrap into the corners, work out any bubbles or creases and filed off the excess. This took me about 10 minutes. For one nail. Most of my nail art doesn’t take that long.

But I continued. Some were easier than others, some I used the hairdryer on, some I didn’t but I definitely found that the more curved my nail was the harder it was get the creases out. I also found that a slightly smaller wrap didn’t look great close up (as it showed some natural nail) but looked a lot better than a larger wrap cut to size from a natural distance.

It took me about 45 minutes in total and the process did speed up as I got into things and I found that my shorter nails were easier/neater than my longer ones but I’m really not happy with the results.

I don’t know if I have a dodgy set or if I’m just bad at putting them on or if my nails or the wrong shape OR if they’re just not the right product for me but pretty much every nail has a crease and they started bubbling at the edges. Only hours after applying them, they started peeling at the edges.


Within a day the glossy, clear protective layer of the wrap starting to wear, the edges became rough and they started peeling at the cuticles.

I’m now almost four days in and even from a distance you can notice where the black has worn away and the bubbles on the sides of the nail. I tried to peel one off last night and it was so stuck on it actually ached a little while I was pulling – it didn’t really hurt but it was a bit uncomfortable.

While writing this, I have pulled one of the wraps off and my nail is throbbing mildly (how bizarre) and it is much drier than when I wear polish, it’s damaged and it’s left a fair amount of adhesive on the nail. And I’ve just peeled off another one that was damp under the wrap! How much water have they been storing?!

I don't know if you can see it but there is a tear on my index finger and ring finger - my nails were a lot healthier because applying the wraps


I’m a little bit heartbroken to be honest. I was hoping to love these and I think that’s partially why I didn’t used them sooner because I wanted to cherish them but I’m really disappointed. I loved the design and I love the idea but they just didn’t work for me. Maybe the sample packs aren’t their best products or maybe they should be used within a certain amount of time but between the application process and the poor wear I think I’m done.

Who else has tried them? Has anyone else had any troubles or is it just me?

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11 thoughts on “That’s a wrap on my experience with Nail Rock

  1. bea says:

    Oh god these sound awful!!!
    gonna avoid these and stick to my Asda ones…sooo much easier!!

  2. wvfashionologist says:

    I couldn’t get nail wraps to stick to my nails, which is probably just as well because I would have been furious if they had damaged my nails like that! I do like the stripes on these wraps, but I could do that easily with just polish. I think nail wraps are expensive and sort of annoying, but my style runs very preppy.

  3. Devon says:

    I’ve heard so many misses about this current trend of DIY wraps, and this is just another one :/ So unfortunate.
    The thing that shocked me is the damage that these things did, your nails look so damaged 😦 I hope they’re better now.

    Devon xx

    • Yeah I was pretty horrified when/as I removed them. Lots of cuticle oil and some treatment have gone on and they’re better. I’ve already painted them because they looked so ugly!
      Think I’ll stick to traditional nail art =)

  4. Tina B says:

    I have to say I’m not interested in any nail wraps that need heat! I don’t know if they are available by you yet but the Kiss Nail Dress were a total breeze in application, wear time, etc. They chipped at the ends just like polish but there was not one bit of lifting anywhere in 5 days of wear! Check them out if you can.

  5. Katie says:

    I had some of the same difficulties with these as you – tip wear, hard to get them flat, not good to take off. Having said that, I’m rough on my nails all the time, so my polish always chips fast, and these just look better for longer in comparison. I’ve worn them three times now and I’m getting better at getting them smooth from the start.
    To protect the nail bed, I use a thick basecoat on my nail firs, and scratch that up with a buffer before application. And when I want to remove them, I take an orange stick into a hot shower and push under little by little from the edge. I do still have to buff a little after, but only just a little to get them shiny again.

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