Models Own Bottle Shop Experience and Haul

Hello my lovely readers. I think it’s fair to say that I lost my blogging mojo last week and I’m hoping that it will be making a comeback right here and now. And to help me along with this hope I have an exciting little post about a wee trip I took to the Westfield Shopping Centre in White City yesterday and, you guessed it, visited the Models Own Bottle Shop.

I’ve been excited about the shop ever since the big announcement a couple months ago. I love buying nail polish but I hate ordering it online. I don’t know if it’s because I want to see the colours up close and personal before I buy or that the scrooge part of me hates paying shipping for something so inexpensive or if it’s a mix of the two. Whatever it is, this was the perfect opportunity for me to get my hands on some much-coveted polishes.

The bottle shop is on the first floor opposite Topshop and practically next to the Apple store. It was insanely busy due to the bank holiday so I couldn’t get a decent picture of the full shop but I think you can get the gist from the one I have and the one I’ve stolen from Models Own Twitter.

The shop stocks almost all of the ranges and colours including the nail art pens and the makeup brushes. The same deals that exist online (3 for £12, 6 for £20) are run in the shop too so you aren’t missing out. The whole Beetlejuice, Hedkandi, Kaleidoscope and Glitter collections were available. But not everything on the website is. I have wanted Gun Metal Grey for a really long time and when I asked the assistant if they had it she first of all didn’t know what it was and then after looking for about 30 seconds she told me they didn’t have it. Ho-hum, it’s not the end of the world and there are loads to choose from and I still managed to get six polishes (effectively getting two for free).

Talking about polishes I picked up: Aqua Violet, Indian Ocean, Tropical Sun, Emerald Black, Pearly Queen and Hedonist. The four Beetlejuice colours have been on my wishlist for a long time and a pearly white is always handy and I thought a neon would make a nice change. I’m really excited about trying them and I will do a review as soon as I can and I might even do a water marbling video using them shortly so watch this space. But I do have to say that that was one downfall of the shop. All of these beautiful colours were out in force and there were really bright lights so you can see the iridescent shades in the bottles but there were no testers and no nail swashes so you have no idea what they will look like as an actual polish. The staff themselves didn’t seem to be wearing any or if they did they didn’t say, “Well, I really like this colour and I’m wearing this one at the moment…” for when I was stuck on the sixth colour.

All in all it’s a really exciting shop and I probably will visit again and again but it does have its faults. The staff don’t know much about the polish and the girl who checked me out didn’t even know which range was which so I would recommend doing your research before heading down because you won’t get much help from the staff. Other than that and the remote possibility that they may not have a colour you really want it’s fantastic. Who can really get upset with a quirky, fun, bright shop full of nail polish and a decent bargain to boot? I know I can’t.

If you’re in the area or in London for the day I recommend popping along. The colours are beautiful and they have some great shades for the spring and summer months. It’s a nice way to buy your first Models Own too so if you’re new to the brand you can really get to grips with what you’re buying.

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5 thoughts on “Models Own Bottle Shop Experience and Haul

  1. beastandbeauty (Mystique) says:

    Love Love Love….I hope they bring these bottle shops out to Australia soon! x

  2. Sarirah says:

    I really want visit this. Might sneak down after revision one day. 🙂 x

  3. am1ec says:

    Want one of these shops in our malls in Iowa!!

  4. Looks like a fun shop but man, I only use about one bottle a year. Wait, scratch that, every five years. I only paint my toes and OPI lasts forever. Or maybe I’m just lazy? The toes are out for much of the year here in SoCal…

  5. […] new Models Own bottle shop in Westfields I couldn’t not go and buy a load of polish. I have mentioned my Models Own haul before but I’ll quickly go through the colours again: Tropical Sun, […]

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