My low cost Burt’s Bees experience thanks to Buyapowa

I don’t know if I’m coming or going with the weather. One day it’s sunny and I’m too warm in a cardigan, the next it’s thundering and I’m freezing with my winter coat on. I’m sure we’re all frustrated about this but I’m more frustrated that it’s made my hands go crazy.  I’m sad to say that my hands have become scaly, chapped, red and quite painful. So I was lucky that I had bought the Burt’s Bees Tips and Toes kit from Buyapowa recently.


I have raved about Buyapowa before and I will do it again. If you’ve not heard of it then where have you been? It’s basically a retail site where the more people that buy a product the bigger the saving. The added perk is that if people have bought a product because you’ve tweeted it or mentioned it on Facebook, there’s a chance you can get the product free. Not bad huh?

So on to Burt’s Bees. The set usually retails for £12.99 and I purchased it for £7 plus p&p. That’s a huge saving especially as I had never used Burt’s Bees before and I wanted to give it a shot. The kit comes with: 0.25oz Almond Milk Hand Creme, 0.3oz Hand Salve, 0.75oz Thoroughly Therapeutic Honey and Grapeseed Hand Crème, 0.75oz Coconut Foot Crème, 0.3oz Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream and 0.15oz Replenishing Lip Balm.


The outer packaging is really cute and it would make a really nice gift pack. It has an external cover with a really warm, summery feel to it with mellow yellows and warm pinks. Once that’s removed you’re left with a white and yellow box that still feels warm and inviting and very neat. Each product has its own quirky style and though there is a theme running through the packaging you could be forgiven for thinking that each product belongs to different companies.

Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream


This is definitely my favourite products in the pack. It comes in a little tin so you can easily keep it in your handbag or with your nail polishes and though the picture on the front isn’t the most inviting or pretty the tin itself is cute.

It has a very distinctive lemon scent. It’s not overpowering but you definitely couldn’t miss it and it does just attack your nostrils with freshness. It’s a solid balm that melts upon contact and it spreads really easily so you don’t need too much for each nail. You can see a notable difference pretty much instantly. The nails look smoother and hydrated and even have more colour to the nail bed and the cuticles are softer and chap less.


I have been using this predominantly after removing nail polish but if my cuticles look a bit dry between “manicures” I will pop a bit on to just condition the skin.

I would definitely recommend this for anyone that has any sign of dryness on the nail or cuticle but it does sting a little if you have open cuts so suck it up and slather it on!

Hand Salve


This is another of my favourites – though it’s fairly similar to the Lemon Butter so that’s probably why. I’ve been using this kit for about 3 or 4 weeks and I’ve almost used it all so it must be doing something right. Again, it’s a solid balm with a menthol scent and I use it when my hands are at their most sensitive or dry.

It’s not the most pleasant of products to use. It’s quite greasy and it’s a bit messy and it’s really easy to use too much but what I do (and what seems to work best for me) is I slather it on working it in to the dry bits and my elbows and leave it on for about an hour. I let the salve soak in ignoring the singing from the chapping and just let it do its magic. After the hour I wash off the excess and my hands are softer, smoother and after they’ve had a chance to settle they’re less red.

It’s by no means a miracle worker but it does provide a big improvement and works wonders on your elbows. I’m even considering getting some moisturising gloves so I can wear it all night and see what it does.

Almond Milk Hand Cream


This is an odd little one. It’s in a little glass tub with a picture of a cow on it and it has a milky white, thick cream substance in it. It has a bit of a strange scent. It does kind of smell like almonds but there’s definitely something else to it that I can’t put my finger on. It’s a very thick, concentrated cream and you really don’t need much. It’s actually quite a nice sensation feeling this almost solid cream dissolve almost into a lotion.

This is a more intense moisturiser than a regular hand cream and I’ve been using it during the day or when I don’t have time to use the salve. It’s actually quite nice to mix the two and I’ve done that a couple of times with great results.

Coconut Foot Crème


It’s a fairly small tube and it has yet another different twist on the design. It’s not something I would generally pick up if it were sold on its own so it’s great that it’s included in the pack.

This has a really strong coconut scent that you can smell a mile off. It’s the kind of smell that sticks with you for the next couple of hours no matter how much you try to wash it off.

It’s a very thick, yellow gel cream but you need more than you may initially think. It’s very good at softening the skin but I would recommend using a pumice stone or a Ped Egg prior to using it as any hard skin will stay put and return after three days of application.


Replenishing Lip Balm

What can I say about the packaging? It pretty much looks like a normal Chap Stick. It’s still got the quirky design but there’s nothing that shouts “look at me”. The only thing that is a bit odd is that the product itself is purple and smells like green tea. 

I think this is a decent day to day lip balm to carry in your bag but to be honest it’s not the best I’ve tried. I’ve had to use it more frequently than I wish to and my lips still aren’t as smooth as I like them to be. Not a complete wash out but definitely not something I would run back to purchase.

Thoroughly Therapeutic Honey and Grapeseed Hand Crème


If you hadn’t noticed my listing has gone from my favourite to my least favourite. I really don’t like this product. It has a really odd, sweet, honey smell that I really don’t like. It’s quite sticky. It certainly didn’t help my hands fight the seasonal chapping and I actually started to get dry palms.

Some people love this hand cream but it just didn’t agree with me. I don’t know if it’s because I generally need heavy duty hand cream or if it’s just a set of ingredients that don’t work for me but I know I wouldn’t purchase this product on its own.

So there we have it. Six products for a grand total of £7. There are some misses in the kit (for me at least) but I do adore the Lemon Butter, Hand Salve and Almond Milk Hand Cream and would definitely purchase again. Some people swear by Burt’s Bees and it is a matter of experience so I’m glad I was given the opportunity to buy and try them for myself.

I am very grateful to Buyapowa that I got to try this product for almost half the price. I cannot complain about the value for money at all and I would consider repurchasing when the next co-buy comes up again. If you are intrigued by this product or if it’s a favourite of yours then sign up to get notification when it’s up for a co-buy. I cannot recommend the service enough.

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2 thoughts on “My low cost Burt’s Bees experience thanks to Buyapowa

  1. Love this product 😉

  2. Nice haul good to see what products are worth investing in!

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