My shallow, broken heart and Chanel’s Peridot nail polish

Oh readers. My heart has been broken. I have found the (nail polish) love of my life and it has turned its back on me. But I love it so much that I can’t hate it and I can’t blame it, I just want it to be mine forever more. I recently bought Chanel’s Peridot from Buyapowa for a snip at £13 but it really is beauty without substance.

So again, the all mighty and generous Buyapowa had a co-buy I couldn’t resist. I have used my mum’s Peridot before and I loved it but for some reason I just never got around to buying it myself. Last week I pounced on the deal and received it before the long weekend (amazing turnaround time) making me a very happy bunny.

A few days ago I broke my nail. I am very impatient when it comes to my nails so I decided to chop them all off and start from scratch. With stubby, boy like nails attached to boy like hands the only thing I felt I could do was whip out the Chanel to add a bit of class and elegance.

And oh my, did it work. As soon as I put first layer onto my first nail I felt a wave of femininity and beauty and I was in love! But like all love, it came with its problems.

If you’re unfamiliar with Peridot, it’s a beautiful duo chrome, metallic gold/green polish. It a gorgeous colour and it’s hard to capture its beauty on camera as the photos usually make it look flat and one-dimensional. On the nail it changes from gold to green to blue and it’s a really high gloss, almost reflective polish so it will pick up colours that surround you. There’s also a really find shimmer that just catches the light and you can see the individual pieces shimmer and it’s gorgeous. It’s basically a really unusual shade but a perfect polish to team up with most outfits. I actually cannot tell you how much I love this colour and how many people have asked me about it while I’ve worn it.

Application, as always, is smooth, clean and easy. The formula is quite thin but you can still get a decent coat on the nail and two is more than sufficient for even, opaque coverage. The brush – like all Chanel polishes – is really flexible and easy to manipulate so it really is a pleasure to apply. As it is a metallic polish you will get heavy brush strokes that add to the effect of the polish so it is quite important to be quite confident and do the simple: load the brush, paint the middle, drag each side method of application – i.e. the fewer strokes the better. It dries insanely quickly and you can do two coats within 20 minutes and be ready to go on your way.

So, so far we’ve got the perfect colour and the perfect application… now onto the heartbreak.

I applied this on Wednesday afternoon and I was so happy with it. I went to a meeting on Thursday afternoon, looked down at my hands and there were already chips. By Friday, every nail on my right hand had some form of imperfection and my left was starting to wear too. As I was going out last night I added a third layer so that I can hide the chips and not have to start from scratch and it worked pretty well but this morning, there are already chips.

This is the first time I have used a Chanel polish and had this happen and I really wish it didn’t. This polish ticks all the boxes apart from longevity. But saying that, my mum wears hers for weeks and it’s fine. I know I’m not the only one who has had this problem but I’m guessing there’s something in the formula that just doesn’t agree with my nails but it’s still a little disheartening.

Visible chips after a third coat

It’s hard because I love it so much and I don’t want to really say anything bad about it but the truth is, I am a tad disappointed. I will try with a topcoat next time and see how it fares then but for now I’ll just focus on its beauty.

If I had paid full price (£17.50) for this I think I’d be a bit more upset but seeing as I got it for £13 on Buyapowa I feel that the £4.50 difference allows this hiccup in staying power. If you’ve not tried Peridot before, go to your local Chanel counter and test it out – I can’t see how anyone can’t fall in love with this. If you want to try some high end products but don’t have the budget (or just like a bargain) then check out Buyapowa – I can’t recommend them enough.

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2 thoughts on “My shallow, broken heart and Chanel’s Peridot nail polish

  1. That looks so pretty!! Shame about the chipping though 😦 Hopefully a good top coat can fix that x

  2. […] From cheaper brands to the most expensive. I love my Chanel polish but I only treat myself to it every-so-often. But saying that, Buyapowa had these two lovely items up with a massive discount so I leapt on them and I managed to get one of them free! So what we have here (and that have reviews) are: Paradoxal and Peridot. […]

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