Max Factor Lipfinity Lip Tint in Passion Red – a perfect Snow White shade

If you read this blog you’ll know that lipstick is my new love… amongst everything else. But sometimes lipstick can be a pain in the behind. I love having glossy lips and most of all I love having colour. But with most lipsticks you’re looking at 2 hours proper pigmentation at most, lipstick stains on all your glasses, mugs and even food and if you’re like me, a boyfriend who refuses to kiss you. So recently I’ve been playing around with lip stains and tints. They promise long lasting colour, no mess and no fuss. But do they really mean it?My first lip stain was Benetint many moons ago. It was very gentle and just added a nice, natural glow. My first experiment in contemporary, drug store lip stains is Max Factor’s Lipfinity Lasting Lip Tint 09.

I’ve wanted to jump on this bandwagon for a while and when the drug store brands first released them, I ventured into my local Superdrug and tested in on my hand. I was not impressed. The small, thin line I had drawn bled all over my hand and a 2mm line became a 1cm square blur. I ventured back about 2 months ago and gave it another shot and I was happier with the results. Less bleeding, higher pigmentation and a glossier finish.

I chose the Passion Red 09, which is a really deep red hinting towards burgundy colour. It’s the only colour in the Max Factor range of lip tints that I actually like and see the point in but this is just my personal taste.

The tint comes in a marker pen type packaging with a thick felt tip applicator. It’s really comfortable in the hand and the tip is tapered so you can really define the lips and get into any tricky corners. It’s also really handy that the tip is so long so that you can use the length to fill in the lips.

The stain itself is actually a little sticky, not like glue or like a gloss or anything but it does have a surprisingly tacky feel to it when you first apply. It’s not unpleasant and it disappears within a minute but I just wasn’t expecting it. I also found that application was a three-step process. An initial application to define the shape of the lips and for the stain to start to settle on the skin – you have to smoosh your lips together for the tint to start soaking in meaning the pigmentation will fade and you’ll get streaks in the stain. A second application to build up colour following the same process. And a third to clean up any lines. It’s not all that time consuming but I found that I needed to use a lot of product to get a nice, opaque, clean, even finish to the look. I’ve used this method for the last two or three applications I’ve had and I was much happier with the results and longevity.

Being a stain you would expect that the colour would happily sit on your lips and not budge. Not the case unfortunately. Even with a one-coat application, any time you lick your lips, you will get a very sweet taste in your mouth and slightly red teeth. It’s not detrimental to the colour of the lips but it is something to be conscious of. However, saying that means I have to mention the fact that the colour stays near perfect for hours. The other night I went out for drinks with a friend and after a 5 hour outing plus an hour travelling, plus half an hour prep time, my lips were still bright red without a smudge, smear or any fading. It was only after I ate that I noticed the inner colour was starting to look more fleshy than crimson. Not bad going I’d say.


With a balm

There are a few bad points with this product: it’s drying, it makes your lips feel a teeny bit sweaty, there is a tiny bit of bleeding, any dry patches with be picked up and I have no idea how much product I have left. But I actually love it. It’s bright, it’s easy and it’s surprising versatile. Whack a lipgloss or lip balm over it and you’ve got glossy hydrated lips. Do a thin layer and you have a just kissed look. You can even use it for a dramatic wine stained lip if that’s your thing.

I love this product. I think it’s easy, sexy and it feeds my new Snow White complex. The colour is bold but not trashy. It’s a really wearable red. It’s long lasting. It’s perfect for events and outings where you may not be able to do a touch up. And it’ll look pretty much exactly the same from the moment of application to the moment you get home and wash it off (though that takes a little time and effort).

It has its faults but for a bold lip look I would suggest you give this a go. It’s definitely a go to lip colour for me now. I have two Revlon Just Bitten stains that I’m also using so I will let you know what I think of those shortly.

Have you used it before? Will you give it a go now?

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One thought on “Max Factor Lipfinity Lip Tint in Passion Red – a perfect Snow White shade

  1. These are fab to layer under lipstick, great pics!

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