The Hunger Games Collection: Luxe and Lush with a 3D, textured mani

A cold, miserable weekend needs a bit of sparkle to liven up the mood. Seeing as this weekend was so grey it was lucky that I had used another of my China Glaze Hunger Games collection polishes to lift my spirits.

Once again, Buyapowa did a stirling job in providing me with a much coveted product at a more than pleasing price. I have already told you about the Hunger Games set I purchased from the super monkey and today I will be telling you about Luxe and Lush in more detail.

First thing’s first; it’s a flakies or flaky polish. If you’re not familiar with that term it means that it has large, irregular sized flakes of glitter (for lack of a better word) within the polish. Sometimes flakes looks like gold leaf or like shards of glass depending on what colour/ density they are. When they are applied to the nail they give a lot of sparkle and can really transform the base polish.

So, Lush and Luxe is a white flakies polish with pink, green, gold and silver undertones. The flakies are in a clear base so it can be used as a top coat over any other colour to transform the polish into something new. Like most flakies it’s really easy to manipulate the flakes to obtain a certain look or distribution¬† and the polish dries really quickly – a nice added bonus. Luxe and Lush’s flakes are actually a little denser than some of the flakies I’ve used before so you can get a decent amount of flakies on the finger in a standard application.

So I’ve done a few things with this polish already. I’ve layered it over the Stone Cold to make the polish glossy and adding a great contrast between the charcoal grey and ice white flakies. In this application the flakies really did look like broken pieces of mirror and it added another worldly feel to the Stone Cold.

Thumb to little finger: Purple Heart, Fast Track, Agro, Harvest Moon, Sunny Pink

I’ve layered the polish over some other colours to see how it adapts to different base colours. Here I’ve used Max Factor’s Sunny Pink which made the flakies really subtle and just caught the light rather than become the star of the show. China Glaze Harvest Moon which made the flakies take a more golden colour and again just added a subtle oomph to the polish. China Glaze’s Agro made the Luxe and Lush look like falling leaves and was a really beautiful combination. China Glazes Fast Track made it really subtle but made the shimmer more noticeable and the flakies more white. And lastly I used GOSH Purple Heart which made more of the pink tones come out of the flakies and the contrast of the dark base and the light flakies made them really stand out.

The last thing I played around with was a textured manicure. I loved the look of the polish in the bottle so much that I thought I should try and recreate that dense, opalescent, iridescent, opaque look on my nails. This was a lot easier than I thought. I first applied a normal coat and let it dry. I applied a second normal coat and let it dry. I then applied a third coat but dabbed the polish into the sparse areas on the nail filling in the gaps and creating a 3D look. I loved this look. It’s not something you can wear everyday but it made me feel like a mermaid and it reminded me of a pair of shoes I had when I was younger. Even with the excessive layers it was really fast drying and didn’t feel too rough.

Now onto longevity. So I’ve tried this over base colours, built up and I’ve tried it as a single coat over bare nails and it all seems to be the same. You’re looking to get three days of perfect wear before either the flakies start falling off or the polish physically peels off the nail. I’m not quite sure how I feel about this. It might just be my nails as everyone’s different but it’s not what I expect from China Glaze. But on the other hand, flakey polish isn’t something you can exactly wear for extended periods of time so does it really matter? I’m still not sure how I feel about that but I do know that I love the colour and I loved the textured mani and I know that on a beach holiday or during the autumn I’m going to be using it a lot.

If you’re in the UK, this polish is really hard to get hold of but Buyapowa will no doubt be doing another co-buy soon so keep an eye out and grab a set! I still have the Electrify to review from this set but I’m already over the moon with the two polishes I’ve texted properly and recommend any Hunger Games fan or nail polish fan to grab a set.

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2 thoughts on “The Hunger Games Collection: Luxe and Lush with a 3D, textured mani

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