ELF Eyebrow Kit in Ash

My eyebrows are weird. Many moons ago I used to bleach my hair and everyone thought it was natural because my eyebrows were so fair. When I went ginger they somehow picked out red tones and didn’t look out of place. Even when I’ve had dark hair, they didn’t look odd. But saying all this, I’ve never really been happy with them. They’re a decent size, a decent shape but they just don’t frame my face properly. With strong brows being a SS12 must have I have been dabbling in brow kits, brow fillers, brow mascara and even using eyeshadow to get the perfect shade. Today I will be talking about the ELF brow kit and my experience with it.

First and foremost I want to mention the price. I have used everything from Chanel to Benefit all clocking in at a pretty hefty price but this humble kit (that comes in a choice of colours) is just £3.50. For the very small sum of money you’re getting a duo of pigmented wax and powdered colour. And I must admit, I am exceptionally pleased with the quality even without considering the price.

I chose Ash #81304 as I am so fair and even the light looked a little too dark for me. The wax is a very muted brown that looks a lot darker on the skin that I had anticipated and the accompanying colour is a great earthy beige that lightens the wax. Most of the pigmentation upon application is from the wax but if you’re afraid of this dark shade then the powder on its own makes a massive difference.


The wax is very soft and easy to apply. I use an brow wand after applying to make sure everything is distributed evenly and it works a treat. The wax really does cling on to the hair and allows you to get great definition and shape. The powder is also looser than I thought it would be. It’s very fine and easy to apply, muting the wax and creating a more natural look. It clings to the wax pretty well but I still give it a good once over with the brow wand to make sure it’s even and any excess is removed.


I’ve always used some clear brow mascara over the top and with the two products combined I can tell you that your eyebrows won’t go anywhere for the whole day.


I’m really happy with the product as it give me a stronger but still natural brow and it’s really easy to apply and ridiculously inexpensive. My only wish is that they had a fairer, red colour – almost a strawberry blonde – that would make it perfect.


Have you used this before?

* I will post pictures of a before and after later on today

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4 thoughts on “ELF Eyebrow Kit in Ash

  1. This looks very similar to the Benefit Browzings so great to see ELF are offering something to contend with it! Pity as you say there isn’t more range in shades, you should try the Shu Uemura eyebrow pencils or Catrice!

  2. I wonder if I can get ELF out here? I’ve realized recently that I’ve had my eyebrow shadow for about 10 years. Ew.

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