Love at First Blush? Yes Soap and Glory, you’ve done it again

I wanted to take some time and tell you about my current favourite blusher. I’m a pretty hard person to please when it comes to blusher; I generally find one and stick to it until it either runs out or smashes into a million pieces rendering it useless. I’ve gone through YSL, Bourjois, Dior, Chanel and at the moment none of them are doing the trick for me. I don’t know if it’s because I’m a highlighter and shimmer magpie (I’m honestly like Gollum) but none of them currently compare to Soap and Glory’s Love at First Blush.

So I’ve been using this for a while. It was sent to me along with a Kabuki brush by Soap and Glory for my birthday and it took me a while to get used to it but now I love it.

It comes in a really cute compact. The external packaging comes in Soap and Glory’s signature soft pink with a black and white retro photo with bold fonts and copy. The compact feels a little light and delicate as it’s lined with paper and the hinge is made from paper but it’s surprisingly strong. Inside it has a large mirror and a black boarder giving it a completely different feel.

The compact is made up of ten sections: two light, bronzy browns, two shimmery browns, two rosy pinks, two dusky pinks and two pearly whites. It’s organised so you can select different colours for certain looks or you can mix them all for a soft, shimmery pink glow. The powder is packed pretty tightly so you don’t get too much on the brush and it gives you a chance to build up the colour rather than some looser powders that leave me standing infront of the mirror with some loo roll trying to wipe off the excess.

The colours are quite wonderful. They each have a really iridescent pink shimmer that catches the light beautifully. I personally use the Kabuki brush to mix all the colours and apply it to the apple of the cheek and up the cheek bone and it gives a great lift to the face and it’s a great highlighter. I’m really funny with blusher and I hate overdoing it but this gives you a really nice subtle finish that’s wearable all day. The pearly white is also great as a general highlighter. I often use it as a brow highlighter or on the bridge of my nose or on my cupids bow.

It’s such a versatile product and due to the range of colours it should suit all skin tones. It’s a great palette for spring and summer and I can’t praise it enough.

Not only is it a great colour but it also smooths the skin so it helps even out open pores, cover spots and has a really nice flawless finish – well, that’s what I’ve experienced at least and due to that finish it’s given me a nice confidence boost.

Before I go I just want to mention the kabuki brush. It’s a small brush with really soft bristles but it still maintains its shape while applying makeup. I’ve actually kept the protective plastic on the brush so that I can use it as a handle and it works really well and give you more control. The size of the brush is perfect as a blusher as it fits onto the apple of the cheek perfectly. It also offers a really even cover and I haven’t used such a good blusher brush before.

You can purchase each product in most Boots stores and on Soap and Glory’s website. I can’t recommend these highly enough.

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2 thoughts on “Love at First Blush? Yes Soap and Glory, you’ve done it again

  1. welshfifi88 says:

    This blush looks gorgeous on your cheeks, the colours are just beautiful 🙂 ill definitely have to check this out as I’ve become a bit of a blush fiend lately! I need to learn how to work with blushes better though, never seem to get it just right, always either too little or too much. Great post! X

  2. CJ says:

    I love the blusher brush in the pic, it would be great for travel! New to this blog, would love a follow back at when time allows!

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