Adventures at The StockMKT

Now that the big announcement has been made on the blog, I will resume usually coverage. Last weekend saw a lot of food consumption, something that will have to stop now that we’re planning our big day. But alas, on Friday evening I dragged Moo to Bermondsey where we indulged in some street food and gorged ourselves on cake at The StockMKT.

The StockMKT was inspired by the night markets of the Far East. The StockMKT takes this buzz and atmosphere and gives it a London feel with the aim to tailor each event to the location and to demonstrate the best that London has to offer. On Friday 27th April, The StockMKT pitched up in Bermondsey Square for a single evening of food, fun, shopping and puppies apparently.

I turned up quite late. We got there at about 8.30pm and the whole square was flooded with people to the point that we were afraid that we’d missed all the food. You could smell Indian spices, hot dogs and melted cheese before hitting the square and it really made our mouths start to water. It was odd, there were hundreds of people and the queues for hot food were a minimum of 20 minutes but we honestly didn’t care. We did hear the odd person moaning and an older chap mouthed off to one of the cooks and was given a discount but for us and most people, it was just part of the atmosphere and experience – not to mention a chance to make more room for more food. All of the cakes, cold foods and retail stalls were pretty much clear so you could easily browse and pick up some bits and pieces.

Our first stop was Big Apple Hot Dogs. Moo is a massive fan of sausages and hot dogs and I think he would have waited for an hour for one of these bad boys. It took us about 25 minutes to get hold of one of the giant hot dogs but it was well worth the wait. Big Apple Hot Dogs are hand-made using all natural ingredients and none of the nasty bits you usually find in sausages. They have five different varieties that all looked, smelt and sounded amazing. The Big Dog is a coarsely ground beef and pork mix with marjoram, garlic and black pepper before being double-smoked over German beech wood. The Pole which was a coarsely ground pork Polish sausage that was big enough to feed a family of four. The Pimp Steak which is all beef filled with garlic and paprika. The Big Frank which is an extra large gourmet frankfurter. And a Frank Jr which is a smaller version of Big Frank. When we got there the only dogs that were ready were the Big Dog, Big Frank and The Pole.

I went for the Big Frank and it was the best sausage I’ve had in my life. It was a really meaty sausage that had an amazing texture which melted in the mouth and it tasted exactly like a mild frankfurter sausage. It was a little difficult to get my mouth around it but it was worth the effort and ketchup on my face. The buns were pretty amazing too. They were soft, light and fluffy and didn’t fall apart.

Moo had the Big Pole which was ridiculously big but incredibly tasty. I had a little bite and the flavour was a lot milder and subtler than the Big Frank but it was delicious. I personally couldn’t eat a whole sausage but Moo did say that he wished he got a second. Can’t really get much higher praise than that can you?

Our next stop was Egg Boss who was running out of stock. Each Scotch Egg was massive, bigger than my fist and looked really intriguing. We were left with the options of F*****G Hot, Black Pudding or Indian Spices. We opted for the F*****G Hot which was surprisingly mild. The breadcrumbs were fine with a bit of a rough edge and the pork was quite coarse and not as fiery as I was hoping. The egg was well prepared with a runny middle but to be honest, that’s all I can really say. I was a little disappointed but I don’t know if it’s just because scotch eggs aren’t really my thing or if it’s because I had just had a hot dog or what but I had a little nibble on my half and let Moo finish the rest. He loved it though so don’t let my feelings towards them put you off.

We picked up some cakes from various stalls and I’ll go through some of the best. My Sweet Tooth Factory did an amazing Salted Caramel cupcake that was right up my street. The butter cream was exactly that – butter cream. You could taste the richness of the salted butter and the icing sugar mixed with the salted caramel and I could have easily consumed another. The salted caramel on the top of the cupcake was one of the best I’ve ever had – no bitterness, just sweet, butterscotch and salt. The actual sponge was a little drier than I was expecting but they had been sitting out all evening so I would like to try another one. Bea’s of Bloomsbury did a marvellous Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheesecake that was light, fluffy and rich. I love peanut butter so the savoury and sweet element was right up my street and the crumbly chocolate base was amazing. Moo didn’t like either of these cakes but he did really enjoy a piece of carrot cake from Bea’s of Bloomsburys which was incredibly moist and not over sweet.

We had a browse around the stalls and contemplated getting more food but seeing as we had a bunch of cakes and were pretty full already, we headed home, made a cup of tea and watched The Help while stuffing our faces.

It was a really enjoyable evening and I urge you to check it out next time. If you’re in the Brick Lane area this Friday, Big Apple Hot Dogs will be taking part in the Street Food Market down there so go and check them out. If I wasn’t planning a wedding I would be done there like a shot eating another Big Frank.

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One thought on “Adventures at The StockMKT

  1. I miss Bermondsey! That market sounds wonderful. Thanks for keeping me up with the sights, sounds, tastes and smells of the Big Smoke!

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