China Glaze Hunger Games Collection: Harvest Moon

If you remember my last nail polish post, you’ll know that I have been exploring the China Glaze Hunger Games Collection that I purchased from Buyapowa. So far I have shown you Stone Cold and Lush and Luxe with a sneak peak at a couple others. It may have been a while since my last post about them but there’s a good reason why (other than my recent hospital visit). I recently tried out Harvest Moon and it lasted for 10 days.

Harvest Moon is a beautiful dark copper colour with what I would call a chrome finish. It is packed with fine glitter that catches the light and gives the polish a great sparkle making it more eye-catching. It’s a really warm colour and it made my hands look softer and more elegant. It’s a great colour for all seasons but I would say it’s ideal for autumn.

The formula is pretty much ideal. It’s creamy with the right consistency, it goes onto the nail really smoothly and evenly and it’s really easy to control. You do need at least two coats to make it fully opaque and to get the best out of the colour but it dries ridiculously quickly. It’s actually an absolute pleasure to use and one of the best formulas I’ve come across.

I didn’t have high expectations for the longevity of this product due to the staying power of the other Hunger Games Collection polishes I’ve used (lasting 3-4 days) so I was absolutely astounded by how long this polish lasted. With two coats it lasted six days absolutely perfectly. On day seven I started to notice the edges of my nails had started to wear and by day ten I had a chip and it was time to remove the polish. This could have easily been fixed with another coat of polish and it would have looked perfect again. I’m especially impressed as I hadn’t used a topcoat.

As an experiment, I repainted my nails and popped a layer of Electrify over the top to see what it looked like and I must admit that I quite like it. The copper of the Harvest Moon mutes the gold and red glitter making it less ostentatious and wearable. I would say that this is more of a winter/Christmas combo but I still really like it.

This is actually one of my favourite polishes now. It’s a beautiful colour, a beautiful formula, long lasting and has made me realise why everyone raves about China Glaze all the time. It’s a colour that I know my mum would love and I know it would suit my sister-in-law. It should suit anyone of any age and it should look great on any skin tone.

I am very thankful to Buyapowa for this polish. The Hunger Games Collection were near impossible to find in the UK unless you paid through the nose but thanks to the power of co-buy, I got six of the polishes and at a very reasonable price. If you haven’t bought anything from them I recommend it highly.

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3 thoughts on “China Glaze Hunger Games Collection: Harvest Moon

  1. This is such a lovely warm glowy colour!

  2. Kristin says:

    What district is harvest moon from??

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