My dry skin saviour

I have mentioned before that I get terribly dry skin on my hands. Between the bad weather, my obsessive hand washing and just general dry skin, my hands often look like they are covered in scales and aren’t very pretty. I have tried everything to get my hands in good condition again. Some creams work, some don’t and seeing as I have just got engaged, I thought I should break out the big guns to really show off my sparkler.  

A couple weeks ago I was walking past my local Body Shop and noticed that they had a special offer on their hand care range. At this point my hands were in the worst state I had ever seen them. The skin was scaled, chapped, red, bleeding and just plain ugly. So I stopped by and asked for some help. Seeing as my hands were so sensitive I didn’t know if I should go for the Rose hand cream to soothe the irritation or if I should go for the Hemp hand cream to get some really heavy duty moisturisation going. After talking to the sales woman (the chap who started helping me didn’t understand what I was asking) I settled on the hemp.

It’s a pretty hefty tube. It’s a metal tube containing 100ml of product and it usually costs £10 but I picked it up for £5. The nice thing about the metal tube is that it keeps the cream cold and it’s fairly sturdy. The down side is that it obviously loses its shape really quickly and you have to be conscious where you’re dispensing it from so you don’t end up in a toothpaste tube situation. It’s also a bit too big to carry in a standard sized handbag but that’s not essential a bad thing as I will explain.

The cream itself is very thick and dense. It’s a mint green colour and it smells pretty horrible. On Twitter I explained it as this: “I used to have a dance teacher that had really bad, really odd BO. My new hand cream reminds me of old dance lessons…” and it’s a scent that stays with you for the whole day. I have tried washing my hands, doing the washing up, washing my hair, showering, but nothing helps. There’s still an underlying smell that’s just a little unappealing. But the actual cream itself sinks into the skin pretty quickly and leaves no stickiness or greasiness and you can see the benefits immediately.

When I say you can see the benefits immediately, I mean it. After the first application I noticed that my skin became less scaly. After a few hours, the chapping had started to heal. Now after a few weeks of use my hands are soft, the skin has healed and though I still have a couple stubborn patches here and there, they are almost back to normal.

So I have mentioned the smell. I am one of those people that will put up with a bad smell if something works and this really works. Not only does it work but I’ve only been using it once a day with no other products and I’ve had some of the best results I’ve ever seen when it comes to hand cream. It may be too big to carry in your handbag, it may be too smelly to use it all day long, but thankfully, you won’t have to do either.

I am ridiculously impressed with this product. Even if it were £10 you’re getting a lot of product for your money and I have spent a lot more in the past and not had such results. I highly recommend it to anyone that suffers from dry skin or any form or skin complaint.

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11 thoughts on “My dry skin saviour

  1. I really like the smell of the Body Shop hemp range! Think it’s fresh, herbal and grassy. Although it is strong so I can understand that if you didn’t like it, it would be difficult to tolerate. You do realise that your old dance teacher was probably a pothead if he smelt like that… 😉

    The best hand cream I’ve ever tried is Elizabeth Arden’s 8 hour hand cream – it’s the only thing that could stand up to properly cold winters when I used to live in the mountains. It’s a lot pricier than £5 but next time you’re on a flight, look out for the special deals they do in airports or via the inflight shopping – I got a set containing EA hand cream, original salve and a salve in lipstick form for around £20.

    • Hahaha maybe mine just smells a bit off because I’ve never smelt a pothead that smelt like this =P
      I’ve used the Elizabeth Arden before but many moons ago. I might give it a go next time I’m travelling and see how it measures up. I remember the lipstick being really good.

  2. My fav is Lush Helping Hands. Super healing and designed for people whose hands are in water lots and no nasty chemicals.

    Remember my post on how paraffin based on lip balms dry your lips out further hun? The same applies for handcream – unf Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour cream contains paraffin – which draws moisture away from the skin making you need to re apply more often. Hope I don’t offend the girl who suggested it Xx

    • I do remember that! I’m terrible at looking at the ingredients though. I will have to in future though. Some of the hand creams I have seem to have paraffin in them which explains why my hands have had more issues since using them. I do love how knowledgable you are Sara =) xx

  3. Alexandra says:

    I get dry cracked hands.Its really starange as the rest of my skin is oily. Anyway i get cream from my doctor. You might want to give that a go. Ive got s big pump container of cream.

  4. Wow sounds like a fab product even if it smells like armpits:)

  5. Tina B says:

    Oh boy, I am SO not one of those people who can handle a bad smell. If I can’t handle the scent, I just cannot use the product. Speaking of hemp, I do love the Hempz brand lotion and lip balm, have you heard of it? It works wonders and smells so fabulous!

  6. […] This Dry skin saviour and Manicare Retractable Make-Up Brushes and Apivita Cleansing Milk for Face and Eyes: Truly Gentle […]

  7. The idea of the hemp smell really puts me off , but if it works- it works! Glad you found something to combat your dry hands! Now if only i could find something to combat my dry eye area…

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