My week with cats: an introduction to Eat, Sleep, Sniff

I have been trapped in the house this week. It’s not a status I find too distressing; I have Twitter to keep me company and a little fluffy beast of a cat to cuddle. I’m not just being antisocial or a bit of a hermit. Last weekend’s trip to the hospital really took it out of me and after trying to live a normal life on Monday, I realised that that wasn’t going to happen unless I rested. I am still covered in bruises (I honestly look like I’ve been beaten) and my kidney infection is still causing me a lot of grief but I have been trying to keep my spirits up.

I know it’s sad to say but I love spending time with my cat. That might make me a crazy cat lady but I don’t care. We’ve had Honey for over a year now and she’s made our house a home and I love that there’s always someone here to play with. She’s a full grown cat and we believe she’s about six years old and she’s absolutely gorgeous but the most co-dependant cat I’ve ever met – I love her.

I mention this because last week – before I even knew I’d be home all this week – I ordered something from the internet. I have mentioned my net-buddy Rus before but I’ll share a bit more info about him. I met Rus a couple years ago through Twitter. I had a blog called What Carly Hates and it was a bit of a comedy blog where I moaned about things that annoyed me in everyday life. I needed a logo and the lovely Rus got in touch and sent me an awesome image for my site. We have stayed in touch and he’s never stopped being awesome.

Rus works for Cat Protection and he has his own blog called Eat, Sleep, Sniff. On the blog he draws comics and illustrations about the quirkiness of cats, his life with his cat Tali and some of the work he does with Cats Protection. He even did an awesome comic about my little Honey about ten months ago.

Rus reopened his shop where he sells buttons, comic books, commissions and greeting cards and I ordered The Best of Eat, Sleep, Sniff (£2) and Goodbye Kitty (£4).

Both comics are printed on quality paper, beautifully illustrated and come with a personal message. The Best of Eat, Sleep, Sniff is extremely funny and full of stories that any cat owner can relate to. Goodbye Kitty is a lovely story about having the chance to say goodbye one last time and it’s great way to learn about acceptance.

So if someone has a birthday coming up or you have to get a mystery gift for someone, head over to his shop and check it out. Both of these comics would make lovely little gifts and I highly recommend all cat lovers to purchase them. If you’re on Twitter, give Rus a follow as well – he really is a top chap.

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4 thoughts on “My week with cats: an introduction to Eat, Sleep, Sniff

  1. Skin Scrubs says:

    Can I just say two things: I’m jealous that you have such a beautiful kitty kat & my mother in law is a cat fosterer for Cat’s Protection! 😀

  2. Naomi says:

    Aww beautiful kitty! And love the drawings 🙂

    Also, I’m having an Avon giveaway for my followers, new and old! You can enter here:

    Naomi x

  3. victoria says:

    I love this. I can honestly say I like spending time with my cat, too. I have two but my girl cat is the one I hang out with… the boy just lives here 🙂

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