One day my prince will come… oh look! He has!

Due to recent events, our wedding planning hasn’t been going how we were hoping. I know we’ve only been engaged for little over two weeks but I have a little gremlin in my head that insists that I need to start getting organised. So this week I will start a new Tumblr account to document all the pretty pictures that inspire me and I will use my blog to outline potential themes etc. Recently, I have been experiencing a bit of a Snow White complex. Maybe it’s the pale skin or the ruby red lips I’ve been sporting or just the fact that I’ve been watching Once Upon a Time and reading Grimms’ Fairytales – whatever it is, there’s something there. So my first potential theme is: Snow White.

Themes kind of scare me. I think it’s so easy to go over the top in an obvious way that makes it garish or, almost, ugly. But on the other hand it’s very easy to make a theme too subtle that it’s easily missed. My fiancé and I have discussed themes and both agree that we want to do something that’s fairly subtle but individual enough that there’s no mistaking what it is. So with that in mind, I was thinking about the following for the Snow White theme.

Whenever I think of Snow White I think apples. Some might think of seven dwarves or the yellow and blue dress, but for me, it’s apples. Now, the obvious thing you can do with apples is create centrepieces so I’ve been sifting through the internet and here are some of my favourites.

Note that these are almost all green apples but I think you could quite easily recreate the look with red.

I think I like how clean and simple it looks and I particularly like that it instantly adds a rustic feel and makes it feel fresh. Almost all of the apple centrepieces I’ve seen are easily home made cutting down the cost and giving it a more personal touch.

One of my absolute favourites is this twig basket which gives it a more whimsical feel but I’m not sure if it looks too autumnal for a summer wedding.

If centre pieces are a bit bland then maybe apples for name cards. I love how simple and straightforward this idea is and how nice it looks. It adds an extra something that cardboard name cards lack and it adds extra decoration to the table. I don’t think you could get away with both centrepieces and name cards but it’s something I will try to look at in the future.

Apart from apples, I also think of trees and the wilderness and seeing as I’m not sure that we can have an outdoor wedding – this is England after all – I’ve spotted a few weddings that have actually had trees INSIDE THEIR VENUE. I saw one such reception a couple of years ago and I love the idea. I know it’s crazy and extravagant but I if I have a Snow White theme then who knows?

There’s obviously things that can be done with the colour scheme with either yellows and reds, blues and reds or even pushing the nature theme and having greens but that’s something that I think needs to be settled after the more noticeable points are made.

The last thing is me… the bride. A sure fire way of making the theme subtle but obvious at the same time would be bright red lips. I’m not sure how I feel about this. I love wearing bold makeup but the whole point of subtle, natural makeup on your wedding day is that you’ll look back at it in twenty years time and it’ll be timeless. Could a red pout ruin this?

A more subtle way for me to keep the theme alive is the dress. If you’re a bride then I’m sure you know of Alfred Angelo and his Disney collection. Though it may be tacky or it may not scream elegance, a Disney dress is not what it sounds like. His collection is very different and still bridal and ranges from the obvious mermaid style dress for Ariel or pink flowing gown for Sleeping Beauty to the more subtle simple, Grecian style for Jasmine. Most are understated and unusual though some, I wouldn’t touch with a barge pole. But I think you can guess what I’m getting at. Alfred Angelo’s Snow White dress (one of the two iterations) is beautiful. A net over satin ball gown with a blossom encrusted bodice and a delicate bow in the back. I have not seen this dress in real life as of yet (and I won’t until the diet has been going for a while) but so far it’s one of my favourites.

My last thing I want to mention is this beautiful photo I found. I have seen a couple similar images and I think it’s such a wonderful image to take from your wedding day that it just makes me like the idea of the theme that little bit more.

So this is my first exploration into themes. Do you think it’s possible to pull off a “Disney” wedding with subtly and class or am I clutching at childhood memories and wishful thinking?

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4 thoughts on “One day my prince will come… oh look! He has!

  1. I think that the lips could be done with a lighter red stain, that would look alot prettier for the occasion – very “snow white if she was real”, but I think its Snow White’s hair cut thats very iconic. I love the idea of the red apple centrepieces though!!

  2. Annie says:

    I wrote a blog post about a Snow White themed wedding a while back you might like to take a look at 🙂 I love the idea of a Snow White themed wedding, its a theme we’re looking at for our wedding coincidentally. xx

  3. Tina B says:

    I love your idea and rest assured your ideas will twist and turn and you will find more and more inspiration. The wedding will become truly “yours”. Looking forward to reading more about it! By the way, I love the red lip photo and don’t see why you couldn’t wear it on your wedding day if you so desire.

  4. HumanoidHQ says:

    Oh it’s possible alright. You’ve got your work cut out for you but I like it! It’s quite exciting with you having a theme!!! Xxx

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