The perfect eye duo from Eve Lom

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been noticing the early signs of ageing. My primary issue has been fine lines around my eyes. They’re not too noticeable but due to where they are they can make me look a little tired, pronounce my dark circles (a new addition too) and I’ve noticed that my makeup has started to crease in the area. With this in mind I’ve been testing out some eye creams and the first two are from EVE LOM.

I love EVE LOM. I’m pretty new to the brand but I’m pretty much a full blown evangelist. What can I say? If something works then you can’t do anything but rant and rave about it. When I was given the opportunity to try the new Eye Lift and Eye Cream I pretty much started using it the moment I received the package and I continued using it for a good month. I will review the Eye Lift and Eye Cream as if they are separate products but I have been combining them and been ecstatic with the results.

The Eye Lift comes in a neat tube with an ergonomic pump which is really hygienic (something that really impresses me in a product). The nozzle of the pump is a rounded, almost a spatula shape which is really comfortable on the eye and makes application really easy. As it doesn’t cause any drag on the skin it really is the perfect way to apply an eye product. It’s quite a big tube but the packaging is completely opaque so you have no idea how much product you have used. It takes a bit of getting used to the pump action as it is easy to dispense too much. I actually started pumping a larger amount and spreading it between both eyes so that I could manage my product use more efficiently.

The Eye Lift cream fairs more on the dense side but is silky smooth. Application is really easy and it absorbs into the skin really quickly without any left over residue. It’s completely fragrance free too so it makes it even more pleasant to apply.

The product description say that Eye Lift is “A powerful triple-action, anti-wrinkle eye cream designed to immediately lift, firm and smooth the delicate eye contour area, while imparting radiance and long lasting hydration” and I couldn’t really put it better myself. As soon as you apply it to the contour of the eye, you can feel the skin tighten and it feels instantly more awake and fresher. After four weeks of application I noticed that my fine lines weren’t as noticeable and the dark circles had started to disappear. It actually made me more confident, it made my eye makeup stay longer and it really is an ideal product for those sleepy, morning eyes.

The Eye Cream comes in a little pot that actually looks really expensive. It’s got an opaque white lid and a frosted glass tub with gold trimmings and writing. Unlike the Eye Lift, you can see and control exactly the amount of product you use and after more than four weeks of use I can tell you that it’s barely anything. This 20ml tub of cream is going to last me a very long time to the point that I’m considering giving some to my mum to use.

The Eye Cream is again, fairly thick but sinks into the skin far quicker than the Eye Lift (which is saying something). Once again, it’s completely fragrance free and as the cream almost melts into the skin, it provides a really nice, relaxing application.

Like the Eye Lift, if offers a “triple action formula [which] helps to lock in moisture, diminishes dark circles and reduce puffiness to the delicate eye area.” Again, all these statements are true but you can feel a notable difference between the two products. I would say that the Eye Cream is lighter and though it does have an instant firming effect, it’s a lot more subtle and feels less tight than the Eye Lift. It’s a very cooling eye cream and you can see that from the application. The eye area instantly looks brighter, more relaxed and fuller. It reduces puffiness as well as improving circulation so it really does just make you eyes look well rested and (dare I say) youthful.

I have used these products separately to get a fair review but for optimum results I recommend using both combined as they really do compliment each other and you can see the difference. If I were  to choose one, I would probably favour the Eye Cream over the Eye Lift because of my age and my eye complaints but both are absolutely wonderful and actually do what they say on the tin.

I always try to point out any niggling problems I have with a product because I think I should give the full picture but in all honesty, the only thing that I’ve found even remotely problematic is the opaque tube for the Eye Lift and getting used to the pump. Other than that, they are pretty much ideal.

They’re not the cheapest products in the world (£48 each) but as I’ve mentioned, they last a really long time and they work. I would much rather spend that extra bit of money on, what I would call, an investment and it really is worth every penny. You can purchase both products on EVE LOM’s website.

Disclaimer: These products were sent to me for my fair, honest review. Everything said is my own opinion unless stated otherwise.

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3 thoughts on “The perfect eye duo from Eve Lom

  1. Tina B says:

    I agree that’s the only problem with some applicators is when you cannot tell how much product you have left, that bugs me! These sound nice, as I certainly have fine lines and always use an eye cream.

  2. I agree that it works better using both instead of separately. I’m new to EVE LOM too and am a fan now.

  3. would you rather use the Eye Lift for during the day time or night time? great review, btw! 😀

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