Poor service and poor humour: my fun night at The Breakfast Club and watching Iron Sky

So, it happened again. Yeah, I had another attack on Tuesday but seeing as I know what it is now and that I was on my own I didn’t go to the hospital this time. I’m feeling a lot better now and I took yesterday off to rest and have a night with moon nazis – wait! Don’t judge me yet. It will all make sense shortly. Because of my health and general lack of enthusiasm recently, I’ve not got the greatest skin (my medication has really made it look quite haggard) and I’ve not been wearing makeup so I’ll be posting a few non-beauty posts while that sorts itself out. Today will be one such post and I will be telling you about my evening at The Breakfast Club and I’ll give you a brief review of the film Iron Sky – I told you not to judge me about the nazi thing.

Seeing as Iron Sky was scheduled to be in cinemas for one day, we booked tickets before I was unwell again and I was concerned about going but decided that I’m only going to get better if I force myself to. With that in mind, Moo and I decided to grab dinner before we headed over to Hackney to watch the film.

Image taken from The Breakfast Club website

After some miscommunication and rage, we ended up in The Breakfast Club in Hoxton… not eating breakfast. It’s a really nice diner. I’ve been to the Soho branch before and wasn’t wowed. The Soho branch is very cramped, uncomfortable and weird – the waiters basically change the table layout with every new customer. BUT the Hoxton branch is bright, airy and you don’t feel like you’re sitting on top of the other diners.

Due to the miscommunication, I was very late. Moo ordered us a couple of wraps which were waiting on the table when I arrived. However, according to Moo, in the mostly empty restaurant it was near impossible to order. The staff didn’t acknowledge him for 20 minutes and I witnessed this when we ordered more drinks and they were nowhere near making an appearance after a 15 minute wait and after we had finished our food so we cancelled them. But despite the poor service, the food was still pretty good.

The first wrap we shared was the When Halloumi Met Salad Wrap. It’s an halloumi, spinach, houmous, sundried tomato and balsamic vinegar wrap that was roughly the size of my forearm. It was packed with salty, chewy halloumi, crisp, earthy spinach and tangy, sweet reduced balsamic vinegar. It was filling, with great, contrasting textures and flavours that made it really moreish and the tortilla was so soft and fluffy that it was a great summer eat… well, except for the piece of plastic that I found on one of the pieces of halloumi.

The second was The Number 3 Wrap. It’s a goats cheese, roast aubergine, peppers, pesto and 3 tomato chutney wrap. Unlike the halloumi wrap, it was fairly loosely packed with a good ratio of ingredients. I must admit, I personally didn’t enjoy this wrap as much. It wasn’t the mix of ingredients it was that the aubergine was undercooked and the tomato chutney wasn’t strong enough to provide a contrast with the salty, creamy goats cheese and slightly bitter aubergine. I’m sure that if I had this on its own or ate this half first, I would have enjoyed it a lot more but personally, compared to the halloumi wrap, it was lacking.

But, as I say, it was a nice, summer time meal that wasn’t overly heavy but filling enough that we didn’t want any drinks or popcorn when we went to the cinema. I would definitely return to this branch of The Breakfast Club despite the poor service.

Now, for the main event: Iron Sky. I heard of this strange, indie film a while ago. I thought it may have been a joke or that it was a short, student film but when I heard that it was a full feature, I got really excited for some reason.

So what is it about? I’ve had to explain the film to a few people and the most effective way I’ve been able to communicate it is: a satirical, action comedy about Nazis that fled Earth in 1945 to build a community and army on the moon only to return in 2018 in attempt to conquer the world. It’s loud, ridiculous, obvious and I loved it.

It feels very odd to say that you loved a Nazi film and I feel that some that have not seen the trailer and don’t listen beyond the word Nazi judge me terribly but the film could not be more anti-Nazi if it tried.

The acting is superb. There is a Sarah Palin character (she’s never referred to by name) played by Stephanie Paul that rivals Tina Fey’s infamous portrayal of the controversial republican politician. The OTT and obvious performance of James Washington from Christopher Kirby as a black man that is turned white by the Nazis sets the tone of the film and keeps the energy up. The innocence and naivety of Renate Richter played by Julia Dietze adds a bit of depth to the outrageous film adding a little sensitive and a nod toward the fact that not everyone who claimed they were a Nazi knew exactly what was going on. It was, of course, still ridiculous and made very little sense but there was a soft spot in the movie.

I was very surprised at the production value of the film too. Considering that the film had a budget of €7.5 million and had a big space battle and had a fair amount of big CG scenes, I was really impressed with how well it was made. It’s obviously no Avengers or Transformers (I don’t think I’ve ever referenced that film as a good thing) but it was clean, the CG was actually pretty decent and it wasn’t obvious so it made it really comfortable to watch.

So the reason I enjoyed it was because it reminded me of Mel Brooks Spaceballs and Robin Hood: Men in Tights but more contemporary and with a more socially and politically aware range of references. It was all very tongue in cheek but not cheap. Jokes were made about Hitler’s moustache and Finland’s peacekeeping rather than pop culture references. But the reason why I loved this film is the reason Moo hated it. He couldn’t get passed the idea that it was just another Scary Movie whereas I looked at it more as a light hearted Inglorious Basterds.

I don’t want to do a deep analysis of this film because that’s not what the film is about. I will tell you that they have extended the showings to the weekend and it will be released on DVD and BluRay from Monday so I highly recommend giving it a watch. It won’t be for everyone and I’m sure some will be offended but the sheer parody of the over sexualised female characters in action movies along with the ridiculous notion of Nazis in space, with a very prominent and recognisable political figure with blatant, ridiculous jokes? I’m in!

I’m so pleased that I ventured out yesterday and that I got to experience this film in the cinema. It was really nice to do something normal and to spend some time with Moo.

Did you see Iron Sky? What did you think? Do you think you’ll watch it if you haven’t already?

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One thought on “Poor service and poor humour: my fun night at The Breakfast Club and watching Iron Sky

  1. lushlili says:

    I went to a special screening here in Perth, Australia of iron sky. Did you know that fans around the world raised 1 million euros for this film? I loved it despite some of my friends hating it. It’s a satire and you’ve got to take it as that. For what it was I was thoroughly entertained and the graphics I thought was amazing.

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