Celebrating May with May – Chanel Nail Colour 535

Hello my lovelies! I hope you had a happy, shiny weekend and did marvellous sunny things. As you can probably tell, from my cheery choice of words, I was well this weekend and hospital free – YAY! I’m not really a summer person. I don’t like the sun (I like being transparently pale thank you), I don’t like the bugs the heat brings, I kind of like layering up and I like my coat and I’m not really keen on the heat… I’ve just been moaning for a while now but you get the point. However, I have been in a really good mood this weekend and have decided to embrace summer.

I have started wearing summery dresses and I have ventured into brighter makeup and nail polish. Yes. I have ditched the reds and blues and I’m all about the pink. Well, for now at least.

This weekend I went to visit my mum and dad and did what every little girl does and riffled through my mum’s makeup bag. In said makeup bag I found a bottle of Chanel’s May 535 nail colour and had to give it a spin. It would be rude not to.

It’s a beautiful, proper pink. None of this fuchsia or neon or baby nonsense. It’s just a beautiful shade of pink harking back to that infamous scene from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. It’s such a feminine colour without being garish and it’s definitely not a seven year old girl going through a pink stage either. It’s just a wonderful spring/summer colour that elongates your fingers and has made my short, boyish nails more lady-like.

I would call it a creme finish with jelly tendencies. It has quite a glossy finish and it’s completely opaque with two coats but it does have a little bit of a watery look to the colour and that slight coated look you get with a jelly. It really picks up grease and dust though so make sure to keep those little pinkies super clean to show off the shine. (I promise it’s just from normal wear and I haven’t done anything weird to pick up grease and dust on my fingers.)

I’m actually a little disappointed with the application of this nail colour. I’m usually a big fan of Chanel and have ranted and raved about how amazing and easy their polishes are to apply, dry and wear. This time, not so much. When I was applying the polish, it was a bit streaky and the surface of the polish dried really quickly so any attempts to even out the coverage or just attending to missed nail surface ended up making it look worse. After the polish had dried it did become more even but the finish is still not quite what I was expecting from a Chanel polish. And it took a long time to dry too. When I usually use Chanel, I can generally paint, dry, paint and dry again within half an hour. This took an hour and a half and despite my attempts to not touch anything, my thumb on my left hand has slight depression marks. Though I am happy with the overall results, I was not happy applying and I certainly expect more, not only from past experience and the brand but the cost (£17.50).

I’ve only worn the polish for two days so I can’t really comment on lasting power but so far, so good. I usually get five days out of a Chanel polish but seeing as this has been such a different experience, I don’t want to even guess. If you want to know more about longevity, leave a comment and I will get back to you with more detail.

So yes, I embraced summer with a beautiful set of pink nails and pictures in my mum and dad’s garden. I will be continuing this trend by sharing some of my new lipstick finds this week and who knows? This summery feeling may stay.

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