Continuing the pink vibe – L’Oreal’s Caresse 202 Impulsive Fuchsia

I love lipstick. I think I’ve established this in the past but it may surprise you that I’ve not always been a huge wearer of lip products. I’ve dabbled in glosses since I was young but it’s only been recently that I have ditched the heavy eye and donned the highly pigmented lip. I know it may seem like I’ve just gone with the trends but to be honest it’s more that I was getting bored of monochrome makeup and the eye irritation that comes along with it. I have ventured into purples (they seem to suit me best) and reds (something that a lot of my readers comment on and always say they’ve bought after I’ve reviewed so I will do more soon) but this week I took the plunge and went for pink.

I have never been one for pink. I think I started a dislike for the colour when I was around nine-years-old and desperately hated the pink power ranger. But, as I’m getting older, I have started to embrace all the colours I can to get a full spectrum of variation and style.

Yesterday I showed you the Chanel May 535 pink nail colour that I embraced this weekend. It’s a very soft, proper pink that has made me feel both summery and girly. Today, however, I will be showing you a much shocking colour that I was wary of trying but I’m so glad I did.

I went through a bit of a Cougar Town frenzy recently. When I was very ill and couldn’t leave my bed I watched the whole of season two in one go. Though it’s a bit wrong to admit, I kept noticing and falling in love with Laurie’s lipstick. There was a particular cerise with a hint of purple colour that I really wanted to try but kept putting it off because I thought I couldn’t pull it off.

Then I saw a promo of Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23 I noticed the colour again on Chloe’s next door neighbour, Robin, so the seed was planted once again. I put out the question on Twitter and I was told to go for it and I’m so glad I did.

I have bought a selection of pink lipsticks over the past 10 days but today I want to show you L’Oreal’s Caresse 202 Impulsive Fuchsia – L’Oreal’s answer to Lip Butter.

It comes in a really cute but elegant silver and clear bullet with a cute little cerise mirror on the top. The mirror is, of course, decorative to demonstrate the colour but in a moment of need… well, anything will do. The lipstick has a flat tip at a very slight angle. This makes it really easy to apply colour to the body of the lip but it’s a little trickier around the cupids bow – I have found using the definite edge of the bullet helps with accuracy if you don’t have a lip brush handy.

It’s a bright, shocking cerise with blue undertones and cerise, blue and purple shimmer running through it. It’s extremely pigmented and stains the skin so you will need a good scrub to remove it properly. I was really surprised how well it suited me. It also has a really glossy finish that rivals a lipgloss. It’s a very noticeable, vibrant colour, almost neon, but it doesn’t look out of place or intimidating. The colour lasts for hours and even after the shocking, fluid lipstick has warn off, you are left with a noticeable pink pout until you brush your teeth or use a lip exfoliant later that evening. Like a lot of pink lippies, it can make your teeth look a bit more yellow especially with its blue undertones but that’s just how colours work.

The lipstick itself is quite greasy. It’s really easy to apply as it just melts onto the lip but it slides around the lips if you’re a natural smoother like me (even after blotting) but that’ll settle after an hour or so of wear. With its greasy tendencies it does transfer onto glasses, boyfriends and clothes. But as it does give you a little bit of a vintage, pinup look (depending on your styling), it kind of makes it more fun and a bit saucy. I’ve had no issues with bleeding or feathering but I would recommend keeping it in a really cool, dark place. The recent weather has made it a little sweaty and melty in the bullet which is possibly the cause of the more greasy texture.

I know I’ve just had a mini moan about the greasiness but it is ridiculously moisturising and the two factors go hand in hand. I would recommend ensuring that your lips are free of any dry patches before applying because it can make the lipstick feel and look a little gritty but if your lips are in fairly good nick then it’s a dream product.

I love this lipstick and it’s definitely opened my eyes to such colours and will be in my lipstick rotation  for the summer.

Have you tried these yet? Are you a cerise girl?

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3 thoughts on “Continuing the pink vibe – L’Oreal’s Caresse 202 Impulsive Fuchsia

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