The Skin Doctors are in – YouthCell Youth Activating Cream and Eye Cream

If you read or saw my May favourites video, you would have seen me mention the Skin Doctor YouthCell moisturiser and eye cream. As I said, I’ve been using it for quite some time but hadn’t reviewed it yet because I’ve had such bad skin that I didn’t think it was fair to comment when it was fighting a harder battle than most products I’ve tried. But then I thought about it. My skin has been awful due to medication, illness, the change in weather and all the rest but it’s still helped and surely that’s something to talk about?

So, YouthCell is a range from Skin Doctors that contains plant stem cell technology from a rare, long-living swiss apple that can regenerate its cells after falling from the tree. This stem cell technology is meant to help promote cell longevity and encourage the skin’s stem cells to start reproducing. Along with some anti-ageing peptides, the skin is supposed to see results within 30 days.

So that’s the science part. Though I understand the science behind it, some sceptics may be put off by the big claims and seemingly controversial wording but that’s what I’m hear for right? To try it for you and tell you how it works.

Let’s start with the moisturiser. It comes in a large, clean, simple tub with very little copy or detail. It comes with a little spatula making it easier to dispense the correct amount and use. It has a ring-pull lid that makes it easier to seal the product and makes it cleaner when closing.

So in the video I mentioned that it’s not the nicest texture I’ve used. It’s very thick, rich and dense and looks rather sticky and slightly unappealing in the tub. But, once you have it on the skin and start working it in, it starts to melt and absorb into the skin. It does take a little longer for it to be absorbed into the skin but once it has, you can see an immediate lift. The skin instantly feels smoother, hydrated and plumper. I would class the texture as more of a night cream but you’re supposed to use it day and night. It does provide a good base for makeup but with the summer months coming up, I would probably consider using this for a night cream only, but that’s just me.

As I have said, my skin has been a nightmare. It’s been really uneven, times of excessive dryness, times of excessive oil, breakouts, pore enlargement and just generally really disappointing. The YouthCell moisturiser has definitely helped rebalance my skin, helped my pores and just general helped my skin get back to normal. The only problem I’ve had is that it hasn’t been able to fight against my stubborn nose dryness. This isn’t a massive deal as the only cream that has ever helped this is the Bliss Spa cream I blogged about recently. Otherwise I have been generally impressed.

The Eye Cream comes in a pump with a white inner tube and a clear plastic, outer casing. Like the moisturiser, there’s minimal copy on the tube and it’s just a very sleek and clean product. The pump is really comfortable in the hand and each squeeze emits enough product for both eyes.

It’s quite a light cream that sinks into the skin really quickly and provides a really cooling and calming sensation. It’s actually quite a silky cream that’s really pleasant to apply to the skin. It’s really helped me on those mornings when a lack of sleep has made my eyes a bit swollen and puffy. After applying, my eyes felt fresh, bright and you can feel a very slight tightening to the skin. And after using it for well over a month, I have noticed that the fine lines around my eyes have actually become a little less noticeable so the stem cell technology seems to have worked.

I actually really like Skin Doctors and though the moisturiser has a couple flaws, when you consider the pros and the fact that it’s a product that actual works and it’s only £22.46, the flaws don’t matter at all. And the Eye Cream is ridiculously good value for money at £18.71 and something I will look into repurchasing once it runs out.

Head over to their website to find out more about the stem cell science and to buy your own.

Disclaimer: These products were sent to me for consideration. All comments are honest and my own unless otherwise stated.

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3 thoughts on “The Skin Doctors are in – YouthCell Youth Activating Cream and Eye Cream

  1. How do they find these fruits? Do they have scientists walking around, picking up fallen pieces of fruit and examining them? It makes one wonder…

    Saw The Avengers again last night, thought of you. 🙂

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