Keeping the summer feeling: Amorino Gelateria Old Compton Street

It’s been a while since I did an ice-cream post and I thought it was about time I tried a new gelato to share with you guys – I know, it’s a hard job but someone’s got to do it. Last week I went to lunch with a very dear friend and she took me to a little shop called Amorino in Covent Garden and bought me a “small” ice-cream cone.

As you can imagine, London is full of gelaterias, ice-cream shops, frozen yogurt shops and cake shops that do a decent frozen dessert. Each is different and each have their own twist on the summery delight. One might have an amazing flavour but are a bit crystallised. Another might be lacking in flavour but have a great texture. With all that choice, it’s really hard to find a gelateria that ticks all the boxes. Well, in many respects, Amorino not only ticks the boxes but comes top of the class.

It’s has a really  minimal exterior that’s really appealing. It’s a very continental design with simple signage, charcoal grey framing big windows and a simple canopy. The theme extends inside where it feels open, clean and high end. There’s a massive selection from mango sorbet to intense coffee so there’s something for everyone.

The server was lovely and she gave me a taste of all the gelatos she would advise pairing with their version of salted caramel- I was obviously going to get the salted caramel. Each flavour was unique; some were subtle and some were intense but each were individual and delicious.

I opted for the caramel with salted butter, pistachio and l’inimitable (hazelnut spread). I decided to get a cone so that I can get the pretty flower design. It was beautiful. So pretty that I almost didn’t want to eat it.

The gelato is really creamy. It’s really thick and silky smooth but it’s not custardy which I find is a pitfall most gelaterias face when they opt for the super creamy texture. I was really impressed with the fact that the gelato actually melted really slowly in my mouth, giving me time to actually feel the texture and actually taste the gelato and not just its after taste. This did mean it took me quite a while to eat my cone and it wasn’t impervious to heat and it did get a bit messy but that’s a minor detail that is easily cleaned up.

The l’inimitable was wonderfully thick and tasted just like a rich, expensive Nutella. It was definitely a strong flavour that is very reminiscent of chocolate but less sweet (though plenty sweet enough) and with a nutty edge.

The pistachio is fresh and mild and it did remind me of holidays I took when I was very little. You got the edge of savoury nut with a light, creamy, almost buttery undertone with full pistachio nuts making it one of the best pistachio ice-creams I’ve had in a long time.

The caramel with salted butter is a funny one for me. It was, again, very creamy and wasn’t overly sweet and had a mild flavour compared to the l’inimitable. It was a really nice caramel and it didn’t have any bitter undertones and it had hunks of honeycomb type caramel but for me, it wasn’t salty enough. It was a pleasant gelato, don’t get me wrong, but I just feel like it needed a bit more oomph and for me, the salt would have kicked it up a notch.

But bar that minor, minor fault, I loved it. It’s a perfect accompaniment for a hot summers day but it is a little bit heavy so I wouldn’t recommend it after a large meal.

There’s a whole host of sorbets that I want to try so I will be making a visit again soon and at £3.30 for a small cone? Well worth revisiting.

Amorino is in several cities around the world so check out their website to find your closest store.

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3 thoughts on “Keeping the summer feeling: Amorino Gelateria Old Compton Street

  1. Oh holy god I want to visit there! By the way I’m not smokeyeyesmua anymore I’m makeupmonster from now on with a brand new site:)

  2. Chocoralie says:

    Oh, yeah, they have them in Paris too – such a romantic presentation!

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