A tasty pot of Jelly Bean

So, everyone within the UK has probably got a bottle of the vivid pink lacquer sitting on their makeup table right now but I thought I’d review it anyway. It’s my first Ciaté nail polish and I could not be happier with my Marie Claire freebie. As pretty much everyone has already used it, I will keep the review brief but informative for all you non UK residents out there.

So, if you didn’t already know, the shade I’m talking about is Jelly Bean. I mentioned it in my Nail Haul post last week but I’ll reiterate why I like it. It’s a wonderful bright cerise that isn’t too loud or ostentatious and as far as you can get from neon while retaining a strong, bold shade. In addition to the beautiful colour, there’s a very delicate blue iridescence that gives the polish a very subtle purple hue and a spectacular finish. I often find myself just staring at the nails looking for the blue glitter.

The application is one of the best I have experienced. It’s a thick polish that’s really easy to apply and the square brush makes keeping it neat really simple and the application is unbelievably smooth. One coat would have been sufficient for opacity but to get a really good finish, I would recommend two.

It has a wonderful glossy, smooth finish that has not acquired a chip in the five days I’ve been wearing it.

I am actually in love with the formulation of this polish. It’s not a colour I would wear all the time but it’s definitely a brand I will be investing more time in. I have some other nail pots in a range of colours to try so watch this space and you’ll find out a lot more. I’m so sorry the pictures don’t show the true beauty of this polish too. I will try to take more shortly.

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8 thoughts on “A tasty pot of Jelly Bean

  1. Naomi says:

    Yay for free Ciaté! I got a bottle too 😀 I looove it.

    Naomi x

  2. I got all three! 🙂

  3. I’ve been dying to try these polishes! looks amazing on you.

  4. […] proclaimed my love of Ciaté last week and that love is just growing deeper and deeper. I recently tried a colour that was so perfect for […]

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