HOT OR NOT! True Blood edition

You may or not be aware that the internet is buzzing about True Blood once again. Yes, in the US the vampire series has returned and so has the debate: who’s hotter? Eric or Bill? I haven’t done a Hot or Not post in a really long time and I thought that this debate will be a good one, so who will it be?

Eric (Alexander Skarsgård)

The tall, slender blonde has won many hearts all over the world. He’s graced the covers of men’s health magazines and ladies glossies alike and I think we can all tell why. From being the number one villain to Sookie’s love interest, we’ve seen a lot (literally) of this vampiric stud muffin, but is he the one?

Bill (Stephen Moyer)

A bit of an everyman, the rugged, guy next door look makes a nice contrast with our blonde bomb shell (I’m not talking about Anna Pacquin here). Catering to the more humble tastes, Bill’s less imposing stature and floppy brown hair could very well tick your box.

So who will it be? I know who I vote for….

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7 thoughts on “HOT OR NOT! True Blood edition

  1. I can’t be objective here. Steve (Bill) was a friend of mine way back before he was famous, so I have to vote for him–even though he’s like a brother! 😉

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