Green fingers with I’m with the Lifeguard

In my recent nail haul post/video, I mentioned that my fiancé had brought me China Glaze’s I’m with the Lifeguard nail polish back from America. It’s a very bright, neon green with a lovely white shimmer giving it a bit of an unusual finish for a neon. A couple people got in contact about it especially because they didn’t know if it would be possible to pull off or how it would go with pale skin so I thought I’d give it a go and show you the results.

The formula is pretty pretty thick and like all China Glaze I have experience so far, it dries on the brush pretty quickly so you have to work quite quickly to apply it. It goes on pretty smoothly and though one coat does give a pretty opaque colour, I would recommend two to get that proper pop of neon colour. Once applied, it has a mix between a frost and satin finish – the white shimmer makes it look more satin that it actually in. It dries pretty quickly but I’ll be honest, as I was in a bit of a rush, I applied a coat of Seche Vite fast dry top coat and the two coats were dry, glossy and ready to go within fifteen minutes.

Onto the important part… the colour. It is quite a shocking colour. it’s not as crazy as I thought it would be but every-so-often I do look down and quite think “holy…” I personally don’t think it clashes with my skin colour and it actually makes my fingers look a bit longer. The only thing I will say is that I do feel like a fourteen year old girl. I absolutely adore it but I don’t know how seriously people can take me while wearing it. My fiancé even said that he liked it and it looked cool until he saw my engagement ring… that apparently made it look odd.

The shimmer in it is actually lovely. It gives the colour a little bit of a light and makes it seem a little bit classier than most neons. I’ve also got it on my toes at the moment without a top coat and it’s still pretty glossy which makes it a really nice change from other neons I’ve tried.

It’s a difficult one because I absolutely love the colour but I’m not sure how often I can wear it on its own. I think it will look amazing with a deep violet or shocking purple spots or stripes but otherwise, it’s mainly going to be a holiday colour… I think.

I really do love this colour and I wish I could get away with wearing it all the time but alas, I think I’m a bit too old.

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6 thoughts on “Green fingers with I’m with the Lifeguard

  1. I think The Husband would DIE if I came home with green nails! I just think there’s not as many fun nail varnish colors you can get away with after 40. You’ll have to wear them for me 😉

    • It is rather intense but I think Moo quite likes it when I’m immature haha. You’re never too old for fun colours though. My mum’s 65 and she’s just bought bright blue and purple and she’s rocking them =)

  2. kofykat says:

    damn that’s a bright shade. I could stop traffic with that. 😛 well, technically, start stopped traffic 😛

  3. lucessories says:

    What a funky color! I like the brightness and I think it looks great with pale skin, but you are right wearing it might pose a problem. High Fashion maybe? 😀 Still like it though! Cool post 🙂

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