A gentle boost and a Little Miracle

Little Miracles Organic Energy Drink peach

I don’t believe in Diet Coke. There, I’ve said it. I don’t like how it tastes, it’s been proven that for a number of reasons, people who drink Diet Coke regularly (more than twice a day) gain more weight than those drinking normal coke. And like most brown fizzy drinks, it contains a carcinogen (for now at least). So I try not to drink any of them too often. Once a week maybe. But water does get a little bit boring. I’ve tried fruit in water, which is delicious but not the most convenient when you’re out and about so when I was sent a Little Miracles organic energy drink, I was really hoping it would fill the hole.

I was sent the black tea, ginseng, peach and acai variety. It’s made with agave and the ingredient list isn’t full of terrifying number and letter combinations that I don’t really understand so I was quite excited to try it.

When I opened it, I was surprised to be hit with a whiff of peach. I am addicted to peaches and I don’t know if it’s because I was actively seeking it out or if the balance is just perfect but the little hit of peach was great for me. None of the flavours in the drink are heavy but more like a pleasant after taste so it’s refreshing rather than imposing.

The tea in the drink means that it has natural caffeine rather than ladles of artificial energy enhancers meaning you get the lift without the heart palpitations or sugar rush.

I obviously don’t know all the science and I can’t tell you if it definitely will give you the boost you need but as the whole bottle is only 89 calories, it’s using natural agave sugar, it’s organic, it tastes really good and there’s no added colourings, I’m sold.

I’m not sure how much a bottle costs but I believe they sell it in a shop around the corner from me so I will let you know. I am definitely going to head down there and try the other varieties. I’m particularly eager about the White Tea, Ginseng, Cherry and Acai… watch this space.

Disclaimer: I was sent this as a sample for my honest review. All my views above are honest and my own. I genuinely really enjoyed this drink but my partner wasn’t too keen on the taste… but what does he know?

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