Putting out the flames with Volcano

LUSH volcano foot mask
It’s my fiancé’s birthday today. He’s the ripe old age of 30. As you can imagine, I wanted to try and make this year special but seeing as he’s an absolute nightmare, he keeps telling me he doesn’t need anything. I have spent the week wracking my brains trying to think of what to get him. Part of this thinking is walking.  I currently work on the top of Oxford street and every day, I have walked the shopping mile (multiple times) in hopes for inspiration to strike. During my walks, I have given myself blisters and sore, aching feet. To try and fix that, I have been using Volvano from Lush.
I picked this up a couple weeks ago and it’s the first time I had seen it. It promises to cool down hot, bothered feet  – exactly what I need. I picked up a pot with a skeptical outlook, but still hoping that it will work not just for me but for my mum too.

I’ve used to three times so far so I think I can give an accurate account of how it feels, what it does and if it’s worth the grand total of £5.50.

It come in a classic Lush tub so I was really surprised about the cost (let’s face it, £5.50 is nothing for a good product). When opened, it reveals a thick, lumpy, grey-green sludge with random surprise objects – theyre not like cereal prizes, more like pieces of seaweed and wood?!  It smells pretty awful, like a pile of plants that have just started to rot, but, you know me, if it works, I don’t care what it smells like.
LUSH volcano foot maskThe first time you use it, it’s a bit odd. It’s like a face mask for your feet but a lot grainier than any I have ever seen. As I’ve said, it’s really thick so smoothing it on is a bit of a pain and you have to use a fair amount to get even coverage. Once it’s applied, you have to wrap your feet in plastic to stop it from drying (I opted for sandwich bags) and leave it on for 15 minutes (keep some wet wipes at hand if you’re planning to do it outside of the bathroom).

It actually feels quite nice on your feet, it’s very cooling and I have seen the condensation from my feet on the plastic bags (gross, I know). It doesn’t feel dry or slippery, just quite relaxing.

After the waiting time is up, it’s time to wash it off.  After tottering to the bathroom, being very carefully not to slip, I jump into the shower and try to wash it off. It’s actually not the easiest thing to come off and I’ve found that you do have to give it a good scrub to remove all of it and if you don’t, you’re left with a bit of chalky residue on your feet.

Now the results. It only blooming works! My tired, hot feet were instantly cooled, relaxed and dare I say, softer. Any swelling was gone, the blisters were less angry and you’d never know that my poor little feet were howling in pain just 20 minutes before. Each time has had the same result and though it’s not a miracle worker (you will still have an ache the day after if you’ve been wearing heels and stomping around all day) it does make a difference.

There’s obviously a lot of science behind it: papaya enzymes and menthol etc so it’s not entirely surprising that it does work, just how well it works. As I have said, it’s not a miracle, it’s a bit like if you’ve fallen over and bruised yourself and get an ice pack on it – the bruising comes out, it feels better, but put pressure on it and it still hurts a bit.

You’ll only get about six or seven uses in my estimation but I would more than recommend using it. I will definitely be buying this for my mum. She could do with a bit of foot pampering.


P.s. I didn’t include any pictures of me using the product because I don’t know how grossed out people will be. If you want me to take some pictures of the condensation or something, I’m more than happy to do so, just let me know.

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