Hot or Not! The Ryan Gosling Effect

This week’s hot or not will be going old skool. I am calling upon you fine individuals to enlighten me. Ever since I was at uni with a very annoying girl who was obsessed with The Notebook and consequently this man, I’ve never understood the appeal. Ryan Gosling is deemed one of the most attractive men in the western world (within the public eye at least) but I don’t get it. I honestly want to know, what am I missing? I’m completely dumbfounded. Am I the only one? I mean I don’t think he’s hideous or hard on the eye, I just don’t understand why people are goofing gaga for him.
So, tell me, hot or not and why?
Seriously, I mean, he’s not unattractive but why does he win over Ryan Reynolds?
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6 thoughts on “Hot or Not! The Ryan Gosling Effect

  1. Sheila says:

    Firstly, he doesn’t win over Mr Reynolds. Ever.

    I’m not a Notebook fan, at all but his appeal is tied to that character. Kinda helpless, bad boy through circumstance as opposed to action. He kick starts that weird maternal based attraction.

    Facially, he’s got a lost little boy look, which ties in but he’s also just this side of awkward. You can imagine him as that awkward guy in school who was kinda cute

  2. Sheila says:

    In conclusion, he’s attainable. He doesn’t seem arrogant and he presents like the guy who got attractive at 18/19 and still doesn’t quite know it. He’s our boy next door…

  3. Deborah Robinson says:

    I am afraid I fall into the annoying university girl camp. It would be impossible to watch him in The Notebook and not be ‘goofing gaga’ for him. P.S. I will now be using the term ‘goofing gaga’ whenever possible!

  4. Skin Scrubs says:

    He doesn’t do anything for me…..who else have you got? 😀

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