Call me shallow but Ciaté’s Superficial is gorgeous

I proclaimed my love of Ciaté last week and that love is just growing deeper and deeper. I recently tried a colour that was so perfect for me that I almost wept when I saw it. Ciaté’s Superficial, is a colour that matches my sofa, it matches my favourite dress and it matches the image I conjure up of my favourite colour in my head. It’s a colour I’ve been looking for for a long time and I think I’m going to be using it quite frequently.

As if you need me to tell you, Ciaté polishes come in a very pretty, rectangular bottles that are concaved to create comfort and support while holding and applying. It has a long applicator that has a square brush that is pretty unusual. It’s a really comfortable polish to use and it’s a really attractive bottle.

The application is ridiculously smooth. I applied this in a rush and did a really sloppy job and yet the polish evened itself out leaving no brush marks and a really solid finish.  It does require two coats for full opacity and I would recommend giving yourself time for it to set as I had to use Seche Vite fast drying topcoat and it did cause a bit of shrinking which is obviously a known problem with Seche Vite.

The colour is insane. I am the biggest teal fan in the world and if we were in the year 2250 and we could choose our hair, skin and eye colour, it would be this.  It’s a wonderfully rich, deep teal that is the perfect balance of green and navy.  It does change colour significantly depending what type of light you’re in but each iteration just looks like a different depth of the sea.

The formula is fairly thick but easy to apply. The applicator is flexible enough to get into all the corners but stiff enough to keep it neat (even while rushing) and the colour is what dreams are made of.

I know this is an absolutely gushing review but when you’ve been looking for the perfect teal polish as long as I have, you’d understand my excitement. I think it’s a great alternative to black and I think it will suit all ages. I would happily wear this to a dinner and dance (showing my age there) or to work or even clubbing. I’m really excited about trying watermarbling with it and don’t be surprised if you see many pictures with this polish.

This paint pot costs £9 and can be purchased from the Ciaté website.

Disclaimer: This polish was sent to me for my fair and honest review. I can honestly say that I did a happy dance when I saw this colour and that every single word is genuine.

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5 thoughts on “Call me shallow but Ciaté’s Superficial is gorgeous

  1. tinykitchenstories says:

    Love how you get your ring in almost every pic. And you should! It’s beautiful! 🙂

  2. Rebecca says:

    I’ve been eyeing this up for a while it’s such a fab colour! I had a similar colour by No7 called Totally Teal but the application and longevity is so crap I never use it. This is definitely something I’m gonna buy soon.

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