Three days of love, celebration and indulgence

This weekend was a 3 day fiesta filled with food, love and happiness. On Friday, it was Moo’s birthday, on Saturday we had a party for his 30th and our engagement and Sunday was my dad’s birthday. Each day was unique and definitely one to remember.

On Friday night, Moo didn’t know what he wanted to do so after work, we went to Ascot’s bar for a quiet coffee while we made up our minds. It was really nice to sit in a quiet bar with good food, gentle music and great service. We got a cheese board to share and some coffee and orange juice. The cheese selection was great and Moo even tried some cheeses he had never touched before but steered clear of the fig chutney and fruit jelly which I thought was delicious. It was a really nice, chilled out experience that you don’t usually find on a busy Friday night in the city centre.
Comboco Soho D'Arblay Street
Afterwards, we went for a stroll and found Comboco, an ice cream parlour on D’Arblay Street. We tucked into some ice cream, I opted for the pistachio and salted caramel and Moo went for the coffee and vanilla. All the flavours were very potent and the ice cream was very smooth but I would recommend buying a small because they do become a bit much after the first few spoonfuls. But saying that, the pistachio tasted like a pistachio version of peanut butter which can only be a good thing.

On Saturday morning, we took our family for brunch in Cafe Rouge, St Katherine’s Dock. Though it was hectic and my family are a handful, we all enjoyed our food and the staff were very nice to us. I can honestly highly recommend the French toast – it’s small but filling and a great start to the day.
Flavourtown Salter Caramel cupcakes

Flavourtown Malt Teaser cupcakes

We then ventured to Dickens Inn and had an all day party. We got cupcakes from Flavourtown which were so pretty and bloomin’ delicious some of my friends almost went into a sugar coma. I only got to try the salted caramel flavour as the malt teasers ran away in no time. As they’re a new company I just wanted to go into a bit more detail for you. The sponge was moist and full of flavour, so much so that even my picky brother was impressed. I adore frosting, so does my mother, and there is A LOTof frosting. Some of my friends had to scrape off half which I think is mental as it was light, fluffy, buttery and delicious. I actually rate a cupcake on its frosting and you can usually taste the shortening or setting agents and this had nothing of the kind. I actually cant wait to try more from them and luckily they’ll be selling their cupcakes in Old Spittlefields market too.

After a day of partying, twelve of us were exhausted and starving.  We headed to the Draft House just off Tower Bridge and settled down to some food.  Though the food was good (not great) the service was terrible. Yes we were late but when a group of people whack £200 plus a £40 tip on the table, I expect NOT to be kicked out of the establishment when the bar section was still full and serving.

After a brief sleep, we headed to my parents house with a Cafe Concerto cake in tow and had a barbecue – hangover and all. It was a nice relaxing day and it was really good to have some vegetables.

It really was a weekend of indulgence and excitement and I’m so thankful that so many people came to celebrate with us.

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