Simply Riveting, China Glaze Hunger Games Collection

I know that it may sound insincere but I feel very bad about not posting for a while. Things have been a bit crazy here in Little Boxes world but the good news is that I have a bunch of posts winging your way and yesterday we bought a new kitten! Expect the cuteness to kick up a notch and to see a few more shots of my little Honey too. But that’s enough pre-emptive statements, it’s time to get on to some proper writing.

Today’s post is going to be a nail post. I have so many new polishes to show you that you should expect a flurry of them over the next month or so. I mentioned in my June favourites and my most recent nail haul that Moo brought Riveting from China Glaze back from the States and here is what I thought of it.

Orange being the colour of choice this season, some people (myself included) may feel a little intimidated or ostracised by the trend as, let’s face it, orange isn’t the easiest colour to pull off. I think I have found some happy mediums with lipstick choices and orange highlighters and Riveting is most certainly my orange nail polish of choice.

Riveting is a wonderful burnt tangerine with gold and orange shimmer throughout. I was quite nervous about the colour when I first saw it as it is so bright and ostentatious in the bottle but on the nail, it settles into a nice rich, vibrant orange with a hint of red making it easier to wear and the glitter isn’t overpowering making it a lot more summery. It reminds me a little of Barry M’s Tangerine but with a deeper tone and a better consistency.

Like always, the polish is easy to apply and dries quickly (even on the brush) but it definitely needs at least two coats as the polish feels more like a jelly polish with glitter rather than a glitter polish with a sturdy base (you know what I mean). Even though it does dry quickly, I did use a fast drying top coat to prevent depression marks.

For me, this polish lasted around four days before a couple chips appeared and I think that if I was a little more patient with the application, it would have lasted longer.

This is by far my favourite polish from the Hunger Games collection and I know it’s late in the season but if you are looking for an orange for a holiday or for some kind of event, I highly recommend this one. As it has a jelly base the colour is a lot more sheer and friendlier rather than stark and opaque which can be really hard to pull off.

Even my pale, pale skin goes well with this colour and I should imagine it looks stunning on darker skin tones.


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2 thoughts on “Simply Riveting, China Glaze Hunger Games Collection

  1. I’ve been dying to get some of the Hunger Games polishes!!

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