Baby it’s cold… on my head? Richard Ward’s Winter hair mask

Richard Ward overnight hair mask

My hair has been awful recently. As you’ve probably seen in my YouTube videos (or if you’ve had the displeasure of seeing me in real life), my hair is dry, frizzy and in terrible condition. I don’t have the best condition hair in the world anyway but dying, blowdrying and the lack of haircuts does not help it. It’s been particularly bad recently and I’ve been scared that my hair has been falling out (which has ultimately made me stress out meaning it probably will). With that in mind, I remembered how much my homemade hair mask worked a few months ago. As I didn’t have time to do one from scratch, I thought I’d use the Richard Ward Overnight Conditioning Mask that I’ve had hidden in my cupboard for a couple of months to see how it compares and if it will actually help my poor, sad hair.

If you’re unfamiliar with the theory of this mask, it’s a deep conditioner that you apply before bed and leave on overnight before washing out like normal in the morning. Pretty straightforward and self-explanatory thus far. So I opened my 75ml tub and got to work.

Richard Ward Seasons Winter Hair

The conditioner is very dense, probably twice as thick as a regular conditioner. Smoothing it over your dry hair is a little odd as it’s kind of like using that old school gel your brother had in the early nineties – you hair gets super wet but super stiff in no time.It feels quite gritty on the hair but it’s really easy to comb through.

Applied (sorry for the picture)

Once it is applied, you have to let it dry/set for about 20 minutes. It feels awful on the hair and luckily I went to bed as soon as it was dry enough to put in a ponytail or otherwise I would have been playing with it all night.

In the morning, my hair still felt weird and gritty but once I started to wash it out, you could feel the difference. It washed away really easily and even before applying my usual shampoo and conditioner, it felt really clean and silky smooth. I gave it a good double wash and my usual 5 minute conditioner routine and blow-dried it.


As you can see, my hair was a lot shinier, smoother and a lot easier to control. It became less coarse and it actually felt soft to the touch. It wasn’t as good of a result as when I used my homemade mask but I can honestly say that as a quick alternative, this will definitely do.

The mask I used was the Winter Hydration mask and I know it’s summer but when your hair needs moisture, it doesn’t matter what season it is.

I got my tub from Latest in Beauty but I’m not sure if they are still stocking samples at the moment. If they’re not, the full sized 75ml tub costs £14.50 from the Richard Ward website.

I had to use at least half a tub on my mid to long hair which I would class as fairly thick so bare this in mind if you are planning on purchasing but I would also note that I will be repurchasing this product in future and may even do another mask within the week.

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2 thoughts on “Baby it’s cold… on my head? Richard Ward’s Winter hair mask

  1. Sounds a little expensive for my very long hair…and I don’t know if I could sleep with it on! Ugh…the things you do for us!

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