I do like to be beside the seaside…

Recently I went to Brighton for the first time. I know, living in London and waiting 20 some years to go to Brighton, I’m a loser. But, I’ve gone now so get off my back okay?! Back to serious land. I went to Brighton with the boy to show off his game Ring Fling to the gaming community and it’s luckily that most of the day was spent in a conference centre as it looked like the end of the world with crashing seas, grey skies and incessant  rain all day. Though it was pretty miserable, I thought it would be best to at least try some Brighton fare before running back to the big smoke. We found a little place called Pub du Vin to grab some food.

The pub itself is part of a hotel that caters for restaurants and doesn’t sniff at strangers off the street. It’s just off the main sea front promenade and even on a rainy Saturday evening, there was a light bustle but we found some seats without any hassle. The staff are a little slow and it’s not made entirely clear how you order or how you pay but in that sort of atmosphere, it doesn’t really matter.

As we were by the seaside, we opted for an all out fish extravaganza in the most British way we could. We ordered battered white baite, a fish finger sandwich, a fish pie and a side of chips.

White Bait at Pub Du Vin Brighton

I’ve never had white bait before and neither had Moo. I’m a bit of a wimp when it comes to fish and Moo is American so had never heard of it. The teeny tiny fishes came out quite promptly in a metal cone and the portion was huge. We were so pleased we ordered one serving between us as I don’t think either of us could have eaten all of them. The little fish were soft and moist and the batter was lightly crunchy but – and this was a problem throughout – it was a little over salted. I like my food salty so it wasn’t a big problem for me but I know that if I say something is a little over seasoned, it must be.

Fish Finger Sandwich from Pub du Vin

I had a fish finger sandwich that looked amazing. It had two decent sized pieces of battered cod in a ciabatta roll, laced with rocket. The fish was ridiculously fresh and the roll was soft and held its shape while I ate it but the only problem was that bar the over seasoning, the dish was overpowered by the rocket. The fish was too mild to live up to the amount of pungent greenery on the plate that I had to ditch the healthy stuff and dig into the dish without it.

Fish Pie from Pub du Vin

Moo had a fish pie which he said was actually a little bland. It had a great topping that was made of mashed potatoes but it was so dense that it became bread like. Over all he was quite happy with it but he did complain about the size as it was quite small.

Fries from Pub du Vin

The fries were a little undercooked and over seasoned but ridiculously moreish. I would have happily had two serving of them and disregarded the slightly cold, firm pieces.

Despite its faults, it was a good meal in a stunning establishment which had quickly little details throughout. The staff were unclear but exceptionally pleasant and I would be more than happy to visit there again.

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