The main event: Ciaté’s Headliner

Ciaté Headliner

Hello, hello everybody. I know it’s not been long since my last nail polish post but I have saved a couple of them up and it’s time for another. I have been toing and froing between China Glaze and Ciaté recently and I think you can probably guess that today is a Ciaté post and it’s another Carly special. I will apologise in advance about the picture quality – they looked a lot better before I put them on my computer.

The reason I’ve called this a Carly special is because it’s another blue come green colour that suits me down to a tee. Headliner is a creme polish that is a muted turquoise that veers slightly more on the blue side and it is gorgeous.

Ciaté Headliner

As you probably know, I love Ciaté and at the moment it’s my favourite brand of nail polish. Like always, the formula is thick but easy to manipulate, the applicator has a square brush that’s stiff but easy to manoever and with a steady hand (and patience which I don’t seem to have at the moment), very easy to keep neat and tidy. It dries fairly quickly but I have been using a fast drying topcoat recently to speed up the process.

As always, I would recommend two coats of polish but if you choose not to use a fast drying topcoat, I would recommend giving yourself some time to make sure it settles and dries properly but I personally have a tendency of layering this polish quite thick so that might just be me. When you apply it, you may notice some brushstrokes but don’t worry or judge it too quickly, it always settles and leaves a smooth, seamless finish.

Though it is a creme finish, it does have a slight satin finish to it. The nail on the left has a topcoat which has made it really glossy and the right does not, leaving it with a slight matte finish.

My one complaint is that it didn’t last as long as Ciaté usually does for me. After four days it started chipping which is still fairly decent wear but not as long lasting as usual.

I love this colour. I really do. It’s definitely fun, bright and would look great with a tan. I’ve already painted my toes with it and I can wait to do some nail art with it.

You can purchase Headliner from the Ciaté website for £9.

Disclaimer: This polish was sent to me for my fair, honest review. All statements made are my own unless stated otherwise.

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