Throw away the key: Private Pink from DuWop

DuWop Private Lipstick

DuWop Private Lipstick

It’s time for yet another product from my June favourites list and this time, it’s a lip product. You should know me well enough by now to know that I’m a bit of a lip nut. I never used to use lip products until I realised that my lips look almost indecent without some form of balm, gloss, tint or lipstick but along with that, I’ve learnt that not all of my lipsticks suit me or may not feel great. Today’s product is one that not only moisturises the lips but it’s long lasting and it changes colour to suit you.

DuWop Private Lipstick bullet

DuWop’s Private Lipstick is a line of colour changing lipsticks that adapt to your natural pH balance leaving you with a colour that really suits you. I have two of these products, Private Red and Private Pink and today’s post will be about the latter.

The first thing, as always, is packaging. It comes in a beautiful, metallic, chrome bullet. It’s a wonderful colour and makes it a little unusual but it does attract finger prints like crazy – but you expect that with a mirrored bullet. It has a witty little symbol of a set of lips (abstract of course) with a keyhole that I really find attractive. It has a simple twist mechanism that’s really easy to use with a smooth motion.

DuWop Private Pink Lipstick bullet

It’s a really creamy lipstick that needs very little pressure to apply and it just glides on so smoothly that even on first touch, you know that it won’t dry out your lips. Because it is so silky, you will have to let it set a little before smooshing as it may cause some motion streaks. Other than that, it’s light as a feather and really comfortable to wear. It lasts for a really long time too. Once it’s set, it’ll last for a good four plus hours or until you eat, then you will probably have to reapply.

Now onto the biggy, the colour. The standard colour is a wonderful dusky pink which is (I hate to say) a pinker, healthier, better version of my own lips… that might just be wishful thinking of my own lips. It’s such a lovely, soft, neutral pink that it is ridiculously easy to wear with any outfit and at any time of day. Just as a standard lipstick, I think it’s a great go-to colour.

DuWop Private Pink Lipstick on the lips first application

Immediately after application

Now, when it comes to the colour changing, I actually do buy into it. It’s a very subtle difference but I do believe that between first application and waiting five minutes, you can see a difference. On me, it made it a little darker and warmer which is a tone I prefer because it subtly draws attention to my lips.

DuWop Private Pink Lipstick on the lips

Five minutes after application

I haven’t included a swatch on my hand as it looks far darker and brighter than it does on my lips. Now I’m not sure if it’s due to the contrast in skin tones or if it is about the pH balance but I find it a little misleading.

This is a great colour for me even if the colour changing isn’t a factor, for my pale skin tone, I personally love it. I have started to use it as my neutral colour of choice (beige does NOT suit me) and I’m using it more than I would care to admit. I honestly love this line and I’m going to have to try the Private Plum very soon.

DuWop Private Pink whole face

DuWop Private Pink whole face

You can purchase the DuWop Private Lipsticks online for £18.00.

Disclaimer: This product was given to me for my fair, honest review. All statements above are my own unless otherwise stated.

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One thought on “Throw away the key: Private Pink from DuWop

  1. Cassandra says:

    looks lush need to get me one!

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