Twilight Crush… no not Taylor Lautner

Sorry for my messy application – I was in a rush okay?!

I’m all up for trying something new especially when it comes to nail polish. I recently had the opportunity to try some Nox Twilight nail polishes and today I will be telling you about Crush from the collection.

I’m not a fan of Twilight. I’ve read the books, I’ve seen the films and I honestly don’t know why. My blood boils every time I see or read anything to do with it so I was very dubious about trying the associated nail polish. But like a lot of preconceptions, my reservations were completely unfounded and could have led to me denying myself trying something great. 

Crush is a jelly based hot, almost neon pink with a really high gloss finish.  But lets go through some basics before we talk about application.

The bottle is a whopping 17ml, fairly standard, oval shaped polish bottle with a long, applicator with a long slender brush. It has a chrome, oval shield with a lion wearing a hand crown and three clubs – maybe I blocked out some Twilight details as this seems pretty random.

The polish is quite thin and it settles/seperates in the bottle quite easily so it needs a good shake before use. The consistency makes it really easy to apply but if you’re not careful, it can pool in the cuticles. Other than that, the application is smooth, even and you only need two coats for complete opacity despite how thin the polish is. After it’s applied, it dries really quickly and fills in any ridges.

The colour is a wonderful bright pink that’s both striking and wearable. It’s a great versatile colour that should suit everyone for most occasions. Saying that, it’s not a shade for the timid but it most certainly is a summer colour.

Now on to the really important thing – it lasts forever! I wore it for seven days with no chips, no wear and tear, nothing. It was perfect until I removed it through choice.

Despite the faults (though they patience and an open mind can fix those), this is actually a really impressive polish. The huge bottle costs £8.00 (currently in the sale for £6.40) and considering the amount of polish you get and the longevity of wear – it’s an absolute bargain.

You can purchase Crush along with the rest of the range at simple

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me by PR for my fair, honest review. All statements above are my own unless noted otherwise.

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2 thoughts on “Twilight Crush… no not Taylor Lautner

  1. lushlili says:

    I like the colour! Pretty cool for a twilight nail polish

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