Top 5 ice creams in London

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Seeing as the Olympics are here and people from all over the country and world are planning to visit London, I thought I’d do a few Top 5 lists covering some of my favourite places to visit. Okay, most of them will be food related but you never know, you might find something you want to try. Today’s Top 5 will cover ice cream.

Who doesn’t love ice cream? Whoever says they don’t is lying (broad, outrageous statement I know). My lactose intolerant hubby-to-be is a huge ice cream fan so we’ve sampled a fair amount of the best London has to offer. Today, I’m going to share our five favourites and the ones we highly recommend.

1. Dri-Dri, Portobello Road


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A small business that is expanding across London. Dri Dri is made by Italians, run by Italians and you honestly feel like you’re walking the streets of Rome when you’re chowing down on one of their delicious gelatos. The portions are quite small compared to a lot of other gelaterias but as they are so full of flavour, you don’t need that much to feel satisfied and to know that you’ve had more than your value for money. Along with a rotating menu of handmade gelatos and sorbets, you have the options of affogatos and other tasty treats. With branches and pop-up outlets opening in High Street Kensington, Chelsea, The Box Park and St Martin’s Lane – you’d better head down before the word spreads and they’ll be out of ice cream before lunch.


2. Amorino, Old Compton Street

A great, central location where the gelato isn’t just pretty (they make your ice cream cone look like a flower!) but delicious. Flavourful but not overpowering with a thick, slow melting gelato that’s well worth every penny. The beauty of this is establishment is that if you want a small cup with every single flavour – they will do it for you (a bit pointless but if that’s your bag then they will accommodate). With branches all over the world, you may already know the brand and just want a little taste of home while you’re away.

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3. Bar Chiao, Charing Cross Road

This place is both terrible and magnificent. An unpretentious, slightly cheesy, almost completely classless joint that has picture menus and random ice cream desserts to suit everyone. This place isn’t about quality (though the ice cream still tastes good and it’s better than some high end places I’ve been) it’s about feeling like a nine year old child getting to choose from the menu. From After Eight sundaes with neon green mint sauce to peaches and ice cream that looks like eggs, you’re bound to have some fun and your fill of ice cream by visiting here.


4. Gelato Mio, Holland Park

Again, Gelato Mio has a few branches dotted around London but this is by far my favourite. With dozens of flavours to choose from, big portions and nice, big chairs to relax in, it’s a perfect place to get some rest and get that cool sugar rush you required. There are branches all over the city so check their website for your closest one.

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5.Gelupo, Archer Street

A cute little gelateria and deli shop just off Shaftesbury Avenue run by the team behind Bocca di Lupo. Rich, flavourful gelatos, sorbets and granitas with a rotating menu often featuring a seasonal surprise. The last time I visited, I was blown away by how spot on the flavours were and how intense but not overpowering it was.

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So there we have it. Some of my favourite ice cream parlours in London. Let me know if you recommend anymore and let’s help out all those visiting this summer.

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4 thoughts on “Top 5 ice creams in London

  1. What? No Marine Ices? That was always my favorite! I don’t think a few of these were around 6 years ago when I left, though.

  2. Yummy, this post will come in very handy when we take our little one to the big smoke in August x

  3. FunnyGirl says:

    Liking your blog, I also work in Tottenham Court Rd area and live in west London near Notting Hill… have you tried Scoop Gelato in Shorts Gardens, Covent Garden? I quite like their ice cream, fairly generous portions for the price šŸ™‚

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