Emotional Brilliance at Lush

Emotional Brilliance at Lush Regent Street

You must have heard by now that Lush has released a range of colourful cosmetics. The range is called Emotional Brilliance due to an extensive study in colour readings that was performed while creating this range. Each colour can be linked to the inner workings of your brain and the makeup is supposed to be pretty good too so I went down to check it out.

Emotional Brilliance at Lush Regent Street

The first thing that strikes you is the amount of colour and variation the range has. With 30 colours available and a range of different applications and finishes, there will be something for everyone. The second thing that strikes you is a quirky little display with a round, wooden box decorated with colourful glass coins matching the colours in the range. I learned that this is a tool to determine which colours speak to you and what they say about you.

So I played the game and I ended up with:

Motivation, Calm, Charm

Motivation, Calm and Charm

I was explained that I am driven by motivation – I later found out that it is supposed to be my strength or weakness, sorry guy that did my reading, I think you need to be retrained.

The second colour is what your subconscious is craving so seeing as I got my reading when I had a terrible face infection (see my get well post to find out that I’m being melodramatic), a sick kitty and had a fight with my fiancé the day before, the need for calm was ringing quite true.

The last colour is supposed to show what attribute you have and use to get what you want (that’s how he described it anyway). Apparently, I’m charming – though he told me I may not have womanly charm but I can use my intelligence, he was not my favourite person and certainly not helping me gain calm that day – and that this is how I should attain my goals.

Though the reading was a little off it was a lot of fun and introduced three of the colours really nicely.

Motivation swatch

I ended up buying Motivation because, guess what, it’s a deep metallic teal. I was tempted by other colours but as they’re £14.50 each, I wanted to test one out before I dove straight in.

The chap said that they can be used as anything: eyeliner, lipstick, nail polish (with a clear topcoat), eyeshadow, but I’m not sure that’s true as each colour does have a designated use and the textures are quite different.

What I love about this range is that there are no trends, no season must-haves and no guilt for liking the green instead of the orange. It really is a range for you to find what you want. There are some out there colours but there are also some staple colours too. If you believe in the colour reading or not, there’s something that does scream “CHOOSE WHAT YOU WANT, NOT WHAT YOU’RE TOLD” in this range which is pretty awesome.

I will do a full review of Motivation and a couple other bits and pieces I picked up shortly but for now, head to their website and try the reading. It’ll entertain you for a good 5 minutes if nothing else.

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3 thoughts on “Emotional Brilliance at Lush

  1. really pretty colors! Really excited about this whole colour brilliance idea. The sales guy sounded like a complete jerk! Seriously, he sounds insulting. I give people like that attitude haha.

  2. kofykat says:

    SOunds pretty good, but lush is always so overpriced. Especially here. I bet it will cost about 1500 INR here (30$). Do a reviews soon pls.

  3. Jenny says:

    They look so pretty – might have to give it a go

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