No matter who won gold, who won our hearts?

So the Olympics are almost done and dusted. Over 10,500 athletes came to London to compete in the Games and with that many healthy, fit, sculpted young bodies rocking our TV, there was bound to be a couple that caught our eye. Today’s Hot or Not will be different as I won’t ask you to vote but merely contribute. I will be writing a list of all the stand out men and women from this year’s Olympics – both for their attractiveness, their performance and their ability to deal with the public – and I will add the people YOU mention below. So here goes nothing.

Liu Xiang: Team China 110m Hurdler, 2004 Gold Medalist

My number one favourite from the Games so far is Liu Xiang.If you know me personally, you will know that he is the kind of guy I usually go for. But it’s not just his physical appearance. The fact that he didn’t give in to injury and courageously hopped to the finish line despite his torn achilles, you sir, are my hero of this year’s Olympics.

Michael Phelps: 18 medals over four Olympics - Swimming god

Though Michael Phelps makes me feel ridiculously inadequate as a human being, there is no question that he is my number two. After winning four gold medals at this year’s Games bringing his total to 18 medals in total, Phelps has truly won a place in everyone’s hearts. Oh, and people really have to stop making horrible memes about him. You’re just jealous!

Zoe Smith: Team GB Weightlifter - stolen from Twitter

Ah, beautiful Zoe Smith; proving that women can be strong (both mentally and physically), feminine and beautiful. Though she didn’t make her Olympic dreams come true, she did her country proud AND dealt with a lot of unnecessary, unfounded and frankly idiotic feedback from social media platforms.

Hope Solo: Team USA women's football

Hope Solo looks like one of those girls that went to your school and you hated because she was so pretty. I didn’t watch the women’s football so I can’t comment on her performance so this is my first athlete who’s here just because…

Greg Rutherford: Team GB, Long Jump gold medalist

Greg Rutherford aka the ginger Neil Patrick Harris. Taking gold for Britain in this year’s long jump, he soared not only to victory but into our hearts.

So that’s my first five. I’ll be updating over the next few days and let me know who you think should be included (I’m waiting for screams of Tom Daley and Usain Bolt guys… don’t let me down).

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