The real let down: The Real China Buffet in Whiteleys

The Real China, Whiteleys Bayswater

When a new restaurant opens in my area I get quite excited. When a new Chinese buffet opens, I get overexcited. When The Real China opened in Whiteleys recently, I knew we’d have to try it but, like most instances of over excitement, I was disappointed.

The Real China Bayswater

The decor is great. It’s occupied a big area of the mall and they’ve done a really good job of kitting it out making it look clean, inviting and that little bit cheesy – which you expect of course. Within the large space there are dozens of dishes to choose from including the usual sweet and sour chicken, to sushi,to traditional Thai fried chicken. With such a selection, there has to be something good right?

The Real China Bayswater

Well, not really. Thought the sweet and sour chicken was good and the chilli green beans packed quite a punch, everything else tasted the same. The satay sauce was thick, cold, tasteless and the biggest disappointment for me personally and the fact that they served chicken nuggets and hash browns blew my mind.

The Real China Bayswater

Everything seemed to be cooked well (as in it shouldn’t give you food poisoning) but with such a large selection, everything seemed to have been sitting out for a while, drying and going cold.

If you’re looking for a quick, cheap, generic  eat then it will do. If you’re looking for a proper Chinese meal that rivals your takeaway (a buffet will never be more than that, let’s face it) then stay well clear.

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2 thoughts on “The real let down: The Real China Buffet in Whiteleys

  1. Ew. Sounds gross. I guess you’ll have to make the trek to Chinatown? I remember the best Chinese I had in the UK was down in Brighton.

  2. Moiz says:

    appauling place, ate there yesterday,
    Never again!!!!
    at 8.30 the trays were empty, nobody could be bothered to replenish the food, the staff were rude and the manageress incompetent.
    the worst food experience in years.

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