A taste of Italy at Spaccanopoli, St Giles Centre

Spaccanopoli St Giles Centre

I’ve been trying to explore the local fare recently. Working on Tottenham Court Road means that I have easy access to Soho, Charlotte Street, Covent Garden and all the tiny back streets and independent eateries any foodie would fawn over. So, I’m trying to try somewhere different every day for lunch and today’s expedition is to Spaccanapoli in Central St Giles.

It’s a simple little Italian restaurant with homemade pastas, salads, sandwiches and cakes. It’s a neatly decorated with bench sofas, three glass walls and dark flooring. It looks clean, feels elegant but it still retains a very homely, Mediterranean vibe.

Spaccanopoli St Giles Centre

You can either purchase full courses of the hot dishes (which vary on a daily basis) or you can get a salad selection (3 for £4.95/£5.95 or 5 for £5.95/£6.95). The salads range from stuffed courgettes to rice and tuna, roasted pumpkin to green and pork.

All the dishes are full of flavour – some a little over seasoned for my taste – and well prepared. The odd roasted dish is a little too oily but coming from a Mediterranean family, it’s no more than I would expect.

The dishes I would recommend trying are the stuffed courgettes and the roasted tomatoes and aubergines (though they’re a little salty and require something fresh to go with them) but I personally really disliked the greens and pork.

It’s a little on the expensive side but for a rich, filling meal that has high quality ingredients and is served to you by an over zealous Italian man, I think it’s worth it.


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One thought on “A taste of Italy at Spaccanopoli, St Giles Centre

  1. Used to work around the corner from there, well, on the other side of Smithfield Market. Man, you’re making me miss London!

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