Podding hell!

Pod Tottenham Street

I always see signs saying that Pod is an award winning food retailer that’s delicious and healthy so I thought I’d give it a go. There are two near where I work so it was rude not to really.

I’ve tried two hot dishes from Pod: the chicken stew and the beef bourguignon. Both were rich in flavour, tender and surprisingly different from each other, though both could do with more meat considering the price. Instead of being served with rice, it has a bed of pearl barley and green lentils which is very tasty but very dry. It also has a side of fresh vegetables which really brighten up the food giving it a bit of a sweet edge.

Beef bourgiuignon

Now, it’s not that the food doesn’t taste good but for the amount of food and that it’s a chain, it is ridiculously expensive. For a quick bite, I would probably pick it over Pret but I would only visit out of necessity or convenience.

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One thought on “Podding hell!

  1. I MISS PRET! There’s not any in the US except on the east coast, and they changed the recipes. They’re not a franchise, otherwise I would totally open one here.

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